Milwaukee Tool Expands U.S. Manufacturing Interests

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Milwaukee Tool Announces New Manufacturing Expansion in Mississippi

Milwaukee Tool has expanded their U.S. based manufacturing interests with a $35 million investment in Mississippi over the past four years. The company has distribution and repair centers centrally located domestically along with 3 manufacturing plants. The announcement regarding expansion of the Greenwood facility will represent the fourth.

“Milwaukee Tool is dedicated to driving growth and creating new jobs in the United States. In the last several years we have created nearly 900 new jobs across the country, more than 250 of which are in Mississippi. We firmly believe that, through investing in our people, we will deliver disruptive innovation and the highest quality products for our users and distribution partners.”

-Milwaukee Tool Group President Steve Richman

Milwaukee’s investment goes far beyond just the $35 million in building and manufacturing equipment. If you’re an employer, you know that it costs much more than just an employee’s salary to keep them on your team. Your end of Social Security, worker’s comp, health and retirement benefits, and training can often drive the “cost” of an employee to 150% or more of their actual salary. The fact that companies like Milwaukee Tool commit to creating jobs in the U.S. despite the cost encourages me that there are companies willing to invest in here when the opportunity presents itself. The question for lawmakers is how to create that opportunity consistently.

“This announcement is great news for the Mississippi Delta as Milwaukee Tool increases its presence in Greenwood and creates new jobs for the region’s workforce. We are committed to partnering with our existing companies like Milwaukee Tool to advance industrial growth throughout the state, and we look forward to working with the company again in the future. I thank Milwaukee Tool for its dedication to Greenwood and Mississippi.”

-Governor Phil Bryant, Mississippi

At Pro Tool Reviews, we love hearing about and passing on stories from manufacturers like Milwaukee Tool that are putting Americans to work. It’s simply a good thing for our country all the way around. It puts the product managers, engineers, and manufacturing next door to the people that are using the tool, leading to a better understanding of the jobsite conditions and building codes that we each have to work under. Kudos, Milwaukee,  and thanks for the investment!

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