New Milwaukee M12 Cordless Power Port News & Opinion

Milwaukee M12 Power Port Preview

Ever have your cell phone run out of battery power and find that you forgot your car charger at home? Those days can be over if you pick up one of Milwaukee’s new M12 Cordless Power Port. This nifty little tool is capable of charging up to five small electronic devices (two at a time) on a single battery pack. The portable charger and power supply is compatible with most small electronics such as cell phones and MP3 players that draw up to 3 amps through a DC outlet or 750ma via USB port.


“Often times, there is no power available on a job site, or there is no power where the user is working. The Milwaukee M12 Power Port provides portable power for any small electronic devices that need to be kept nearby. Beyond the job site, users can also use this product in their lives outside of work for activities such as camping, hiking, or tailgating,” says Paul Fry, Director of M12 for Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation.

Delivering portable power, versatile design and convenience, the Milwaukee M12 Power Port runs on the Milwaukee M12 LITHIUM-ION battery, and is compatible with the entire M12 platform. With the introduction of the new power port and plans to grow the M12 cordless platform in 2009, Milwaukee continues its growth in the sub-compact category and the M12 platform offers innovative solutions in power, speed, and portability.


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