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USB charging

EGO Nexus 150W Power Inverter 150W

EGO Nexus Escape Power Inverter – New Tool Tip-off

It wasn’t that long ago that we saw USB ports on tool batteries—Black and Decker did this back in 2016. Before that, there was the Milwaukee USB Power Source which came with their heated gear, Makita ADP05 power source, and the DeWalt DCB090 USB charger. Each of those was an adapter that turned any compatible tool […]

Midland Lithium-Ion Generator: Waterproof Power

Looking for a small, portable, near-weatherproof generator that you can tote around just about anywhere? Look no further than the PPG100 Midland Lithium-Ion Generator. Released this past January, this generator could find a place in all manner of home, camping, fishing, hunting, and tailgating applications. This unit can power lights, phones, computers, televisions, and even mini-fridges. […]

Review7.6(out of 10)
SnapPower charger tabs

SnapPower Charger USB Charger Review

This will be a short review. The beauty of that statement is that it’s a reflection of just how simplistic and straightforward this new USB wall charger from SnapPower is. The SnapPower Charger is a new USB charger product from the same company that brought us the SnapRays Guidelights we reviewed a couple years ago. […]


USBeast: Use a Ryobi Battery as a USB Charger?

USBeast Offers 2.1 Amp Charging from Your Ryobi One+ Battery There’s a compelling Kickstarter campaign going on right now for a product called the USBeast. The basic idea is that it takes a USB device that slips over the top of Ryobi One+ 18V Battery to draw power. This is a little bit different from […]

Review8.0(out of 10)
Ryobi 18V One+ Compact Radio

Ryobi 18V Compact Radio Review

It seems we just can’t get enough technology these days. Now that our smart phones are capable of streaming the music we really want to hear, Bluetooth speakers are in high demand on jobsites. If nothing else, most will at least let us take an auxiliary port to make use of Spotify, Pandora, or whatever […]

SnapPower USB Charger Wall Plate

SnapPower USB Charger Wall Plate Preview

The SnapPower USB charger wall plate is every bit as innovative and impressive as the company’s SnapRays Guidelights LED wall plate cover we reviewed last year. The SnapPower Charger is a USB charger wall plate that includes a 1-amp USB charger built right into an outlet cover plate. It will charge just about any USB device (phones, tablets, etc.) […]

Newer Tech Power2U USB outlet Review

USB Outlet Review – Newer Tech Power2U

It seems like every portable consumer device needs a USB power supply these days. So how does the rampant availability and use of iPads, smart phones, and Kindles affect how we build homes? Since it’s very likely that your own office, your kitchen – possibly even your bedroom – is littered with a myriad of power adapters, accommodating this new trend is something that would be convenient to you, and certainly beneficial to your clients. Newer Technology’s Power2U is an innovative device that combines two USB charging ports with a standard electrical outlet or receptacle. That means you eliminate those bulky power adapters and can, instead, plug in a USB cable directly to the outlet’s accessory ports. And the 2A (2000mA) rating means that it delivers enough power to charge even high-current devices like the new iPad.

Ryobi Tek4 4V Cordless Tools Reviewed

Ryobi Tek4 4V Cordless Tools Reviewed

Ryobi’s new Tek4 line of 4V lithium-ion products spans a range from measurement to safety to portable power backup. All tools share the same 4V rechargeable power source and sport an industrial look with Ryobi’s new signature green color adorning each of the dark-gray colored tools as trim. Since all of the new Tek4 tools use the same li-ion 4V battery (AP4001), delivering over 200 charges and longer-life than what you can get with standard Alkalines.

New Milwaukee M12 Cordless Power Port

Milwaukee M12 Power Port Preview

Ever have your cell phone run out of battery power and find that you forgot your car charger at home? Those days can be over if you pick up one of Milwaukee’s new M12 Cordless Power Port. This nifty little tool is capable of charging up to five small electronic devices (two at a time) on a single battery pack.