May 9, 2021

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SnapPower Charger USB Charger Review

SnapPower charger tabs
PTR Review
  • Features 7.0
  • Ease of Use 10.0
  • Value 6.0

There's no argument that the SnapPower Charger is convenient. About the only negative is that it only puts out 1A and, consequently, charges tablets and large phones slowly.

Overall Score 7.6 (out of 10)

This will be a short review. The beauty of that statement is that it’s a reflection of just how simplistic and straightforward this new USB wall charger from SnapPower is. The SnapPower Charger is a new USB charger product from the same company that brought us the SnapRays Guidelights we reviewed a couple years ago.

SnapPower Charger Features & Installation

The new SnapPower Charger works just like the GuideLights in two key ways. First, the SnapPower Charger is basically a replacement for your standard wall outlet plate. Second, power for the USB charger is supplied by the tabs on the side of the plate which make contact with the hot and neutral screws on your outlet.

Because of this design, there are no wires, no complex installation, and no hassle when swapping out a standard outlet plate for a SnapPower Charger plate.

Another thing that’s very convenient about the SnapPower Charger is that it’s very thin. We were able to continue using a DC power supply/transformer (think “wall wart”) on the bottom outlet. The USB port only requires a little bit of clearance, so you don’t limit yourself too much with this product over a tradition outlet plate.

SnapPower charger installation

To install the SnapPower Charger you disconnect the power to the outlet, remove the existing plate, and attach the SnapPower Charger wall plate using the single center screw (on the standard outlet model). And…that’s really all there is to it.

SnapPower charger plate

The SnapPower Charger is available in standard outlet configuration and Duplex in single, 2-, 3-, 5-, and 10-packs. One SnapPower Charger plate costs around $20, but if you buy a 10-pack you’re spending around $16 each. The finished look is quite unobtrusive and it makes for a nice, easy way to charge your phone, Kindle, or other USB device by your bedside, in the kitchen, or anywhere you have an accessible outlet.

SnapPower charger use

Our hope is that SnapPower will make a model with a 2.1A or 2.4A output in the near future. It will make for faster charging of modern smartphones and tablets. In the meantime, this is still an incredibly useful upgrade to a standard wall plate—and you sure can’t beat the ease of installation.

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