OSHA Asbestos Standard Still a Concern for Contractors

OSHA – to some contractors it’s a minor thorn in their side, to others an authority to be feared and respected. Yet there are still some that insist that they are too small to be noticed or the risk is worth taking in the name of profitability. Regardless of your opinion, it is still the task of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is to protect workers from working conditions that are potentially hazardous. The OSHA asbestos standard has been the issue in the news recently causing a stir for contractors trying to understand how to work within the requirements of local and state laws.

Olivet Management, LLC, a management and real estate development company is accused of knowingly exposing their own employees and employees of 13 other contractors to asbestos and lead as they prepared a property near Dover Pains NY to show to potential investors. While it is important to remember that these findings are in their initial stages, and Olivet has the right to due process, the company is currently facing 45 willful violations and 1 serious citation to the tune of $2, 352,000 in fines. If you’re a contractor, keeping OSHA away from your job site (by adhering to the rules) should be first on your list, but knowing what to do when OSHA shows up is another skill we highly recommend you prepare for as well. Being ready for OSHA is a great way to ensure you don’t end up paying fines.

Read the full release from the U.S. Department of Labor.

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