Operate a Chainsaw Naked…Get Arrested

dont operate chainsaw naked

Rule #1 of operating a chainsaw: Clothing is NOT optional. Apparently, Lindsay Medd Stevens (a man) didn’t get that memo. He got himself arrested in Knoxville, TN for indecent exposure. How did this happen, you ask? As it turns out, his neighbor caught him cutting a tree down… while naked. Apparently, this had happened before. If you plan to cut down a tree—don’t operate a chainsaw naked. Please.

What Happens When You Operate a Chainsaw Naked

The report was carried by local TV station WBIR-TV. And this wasn’t a quick event either, officers arriving on the scene actually caught Stevens still in the act, who promptly fled into his home when he spotted the officers… um… observing him. Perhaps he wasn’t using a good enough chainsaw. If he had been going all-pro, he might have gotten the job done more quickly.

According to the report, neighbors reported seeing Stevens’ 6 foot tall, 200-plus pound naked body multiple times over the past several years. Justice seems to have been finally served, although to us it might be more along the lines of “mercy”. Stevens probably won’t be operating a chainsaw naked anytime soon. In fact, he likely lost membership in the nude yardwork club for quite some time.

The neighbors shouldn’t have to face running into him anytime soon. Apparently it had become so common, the entire neighborhood knew of Stevens’ predispositions. This was the first time he had been caught using a chainsaw. Previously, he had mowed the lawn nude on his riding tractor. Other times he just disrobed before swimming in the pool.

Stevens, age 46, has already been released with a $750 bail. His court hearing occurs the following week. Hopefully, he’ll wear clothes. Got a unique news story you’ve come across or want to share? Let us know in the comments below or leave it on one of our social media channels.

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