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Panasonic Tough IP Cordless Power Tools Launched

Panasonic, a recognized leader in cordless power tool technology, announced today the launch of a new line of Panasonic Tough IP Cordless Power Tools featuring dust and water resistant technology recognized under international standards administered by the International Electro Technical Commission (IEC) – the international standards and conformity assessment body for all fields of electro technology. The Panasonic Tough IP line will be available starting on September 20, 2010 via Panasonic Tough IP Dealers nationwide and at


Panasonic Tough IP Cordless

The Panasonic Tough IP line features 13 cordless power tools including a range of drills & drivers, hammer drills, impact driver and wrench, jig saw, circular saw and a grinder, all ideally suited for a broad range of construction industry professionals. All Panasonic Tough IP kits include two Li-Ion batteries, a charger and a carrying case or bag.

Here is a company video about the new tools… Ah, please excuse the super-cheesy music, we didn’t make it. Apparently the video editor was in a hurry… being on his way to a 70’s disco party and all:

Rated Tough by IEC

Each of Panasonic Tough IP Cordless Power Tools were awarded a rating of IP56 by the IEC (according to IEC60529) classifying them “Dust-protected” and “Protected against powerful water jets.” The two numbers in the rating are for dust resistance and water resistance respectively.

To achieve an IP rating, each of the Tough IP tools underwent dust and water resistance testing by the IEC. The IEC testing protocol put the tools in an environment where they were exposed separately to both heavy dust and water jets. After each separate test, a tool is checked to ensure it still continues to function properly. The higher the IP rating, the stronger the tool is to resist dust and water.

“We recently conducted a survey of professionals asking them the top issues they face on a regular basis with their cordless power tools. Among the top three concerns were the effects of dust and water on their valuable equipment. Our Tough IP line of cordless power tools was designed to address these concerns and provide professionals across a broad range of construction discipline’s with tools that can withstand the rigors of outdoor work under extreme conditions. We are very proud that our Tough IP products meet the strict standards for water and dust resistance set forth by the IEC.”

– Ed Cini, Panasonic’s national marketing manager for power tools

Tough IP Drill & Driver Tools

Panasonic Tough IP Cordless


The Panasonic Tough IP Cordless Power Tool line features a range of Drill & Driver models each designed to meet the specific needs of a range of professionals. The EY7441 features two versions: a market leading LZ model featuring a high capacity 3.1Ah Li-Ion battery for extraordinary endurance and an LE model with a 1.5Ah Li-Ion battery for compact power.

  • The EY7441LZ2S (MSRP $319.00) sets a benchmark in battery endurance, driving up to 330 6×2 1/4” screws (in soft wood) on a single charge. The model’s 390 inch lbs. of torque delivers the ability to perform a diverse range of applications. The LZ battery pack delivers 25% more run time per charge than the current Panasonic “N” type battery.
  • The EY7441LE2S (MSRP $269.00) offers a combination of light weight (3.3 lbs.) and compact length (7-5/8”) for ease of use, especially in tight areas or working overhead. A fully charged battery delivers enough power to drive up to 150 6×2 ¼”mm screws (in soft wood) and can be fully recharged in only 35 minutes.

The EY7940LZ2S Hammer Drill & Driver (MSRP $332.00) features a hammer drill function which delivers precise percussion drilling (up to 25,200 blows per minute in high power mode) into masonry, bricks and tiles. In Drill Driver Mode it achieves 390 inch-lbs. of torque and offers the same application range as EY7441LZ2S.

There is also an LED work light which allows working in dark areas by focusing light at the point of the drill.

Tough IP Combination Kits

The Panasonic Tough IP line also includes four different combination kits.

  • EYC190LZ Impact Driver – Includes the EY7441LZ DD, an EY7540 impact driver, a charger, two 3.1Ah battery packs and a plastic carrying case.
  • EYC190LE Impact Driver  – Includes the EY7441LE DD, an EY7540 impact driver, a charger, two 1.5Ah battery packs and a plastic carrying case.
  • EYC191LZ Impact Wrench – Includes the EY7441LZ DD, an EY7541 impact wrench, two 3.1Ah battery packs and a plastic carrying case.
  • EYC194LZ Multipurpose Saw – Includes the EY7441LZ DD, an EY4542 metal saw, two 3.1Ah battery packs and a carry bag.

Leading Battery Technology


Panasonic Tough IP Cordless - Battery TechnologyDriving the revolutionary performance of Panasonic’s Tough IP Cordless Power Tools is Panasonic’s proprietary battery pack technology which features:

  • Panasonic’s Solid Solution Technology (PSS) – PSS is a method of hardening and dissolving key battery component substances such as cobalt and nickel which dramatically improves safety and reliability while also achieving greater performance compared to manganese lithium batteries found in many other cordless tools.
  • High-Capacity Cobalt Lithium Chemistry – This chemistry offers the benefits of lower internal resistance, reduced electrical loss, and lower temperatures in the battery cells to deliver a longer battery life. Panasonic Li-Ion battery packs have twice the total lifetime performance versus existing Ni-Cd battery packs.
  • GuardION System – Panasonic Tough IP Cordless Power Tools utilize Panasonic’s unique GuardION system which monitors each battery cell during battery charging and during tool use to prevent over discharging and overheating of the battery pack.
  • Self Diagnostic Charger – Tough IP Tools also feature a self diagnostic universal battery charger which electronically monitors the condition of each battery cell in the battery pack during the charging process to deliver full charging with minimal heat generation. The charger will charge all Panasonic Li-Ion battery chemistries ranging from 14.4V – 28.8v.

For more information on the complete line of Panasonic Tough IP Cordless Power Tools and Panasonic Tough IPdealers, please visit tools or call 1-800-338-0552.

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