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I Have 32 tools registered. All done on line. I didn’t have any tools denied for the LSA. To get the LSA the tool has to be purchased from Home Depot. You will have to type in all the info they want and upload your receipt. You will have to keep checking to see if the LSA is approved because a few times I seen it say action required so I had to what it was they wanted. You have 90 days to apply for the LSA but I do mine asap because It will take them about two month… Read more »

darry wortham

what the hell I wish registering the tool was as easy as my money coming out of my pocket. I tried so so so so many times and different ways that I give up taking this product back and I just bought it 2hrs ago . thanks a lot ridgid


The tool registration appears to be a farse… like AT&T rollover minutes, it doesn’t exist. After several attempts to register online, I took to the telephone…and you guessed it, nobody answers. I’ll try the “mail in” process and see what happens.

Gary Stewart

Ordered an 18v cordless jigsaw online. Received it within 3 days. Registered it today. Upon viewing my previously registered products I found the 18v drill, impact driver and kit batteries, registered a few years ago, not listed. I am waiting response as to why they are no longer listed, they were at one time.

Richard Brown

Just received RIGiD impact and drill for Christmas and was very excited until I tried to register by following instructions, what a nightmare! So frustrated that I am returning the products. Will never do business with a company like this. They need to get their act together.