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darry wortham

what the hell I wish registering the tool was as easy as my money coming out of my pocket. I tried so so so so many times and different ways that I give up taking this product back and I just bought it 2hrs ago . thanks a lot ridgid


The tool registration appears to be a farse… like AT&T rollover minutes, it doesn’t exist. After several attempts to register online, I took to the telephone…and you guessed it, nobody answers. I’ll try the “mail in” process and see what happens.

Gary Stewart

Ordered an 18v cordless jigsaw online. Received it within 3 days. Registered it today. Upon viewing my previously registered products I found the 18v drill, impact driver and kit batteries, registered a few years ago, not listed. I am waiting response as to why they are no longer listed, they were at one time.

Richard Brown

Just received RIGiD impact and drill for Christmas and was very excited until I tried to register by following instructions, what a nightmare! So frustrated that I am returning the products. Will never do business with a company like this. They need to get their act together.


the registration process has been a let down…why it is not automated at the register? I have purchased two tile saws, 7 drills, 3 miter saws, and countless hand tools….never once have I been able to successfully register the product….email, snail mail, registration card….none of them worked, none of them where recognized by the company, really a total let down. Reading these comments has not given me very much hope.