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RotoZip Course and Medium 4″ ZipDiscs Preview

RotoZip is a tool that is stretching its reach in the marketplace. It’s a tool that has amped up (literally) the power output and options so that it can do a lot more than just spiral cutting and basic sanding. Now, with the introduction of two new fast removal and finishing discs, paint and rust have a new enemy. The new Zip Discs include a 4” Medium abrasive wheel and a 4″ Coarse abrasive wheel, and are designed for the fast removal of coatings and imperfections from metal, wood and even concrete.


The design of the new ZipDiscs is that you can apply only minimal pressure to remove stain from a wooden deck, rust from metal or paint from a concrete surface. Additionally, the Discs are made so that they take off the finish without ruining the work piece. Instead of using plastic or fiberglass backings, ZipDiscs have an integrated solid metal backing which extends their useful life. Both discs also include an anti-clog design, which protects the discs from excess build-up during difficult coating removals.

Coarse Disc ZD-C1

Coarse Disc ZD-C1 zip discThe Coarse ZipDisc operates up to 13,000 RPM and features a nonwoven, silicon carbide abrasive design
that removes paint, rust, corrosion, blemishes, mastic, thin-set and
adhesive from wood, metal and concrete. The versatile disc is unique in
that its porous formulation can handle sticky materials, like thin-set
and mastic, without compromising the integrity of the wheel or the
material surface.

  • Solid metal backing for greater durability
  • Unique non-woven design prevents clogging
  • Extra thick, 1/2” abrasive for longer life
  • Compatible with RotoZip ZipMate 2, 3, 4, and 5 and ZipSaw

Medium Disc ZD-M1

Medium Disc ZD-M1 zip discThe Medium ZipDisc operates up to 15,000 RPM, and is optimized for
removing paint, rust, corrosion, and blemishes. The 120 grit aluminum
oxide abrasive is made up of 85 strips of layered flap material for
longer life.

  • Solid metal backing for greater durability
  • 85 layers of flap contact
  • Compatible with RotoZip ZipMate 2, 3, 4, and 5 and ZipSaw

Both ZipDiscs are compatible with the ZipSaw Multi Saw and Spiral+ tools that use the ZipMate attachment. They will be available in home center stores for purchase by November 2012. The Medium ZipDisc retails for $7.95 and the Coarse ZipDisc retails for $11.98.


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