Safety Third Award: Mr. I Used a Crane to Propose

Safety Third: Crane Proposal

Our Managing Editor, Kenny Koehler, recently proposed to his now fiancee’. After listening to the very sweet story, I have to say that he’s way too conservative for a Safety Third style proposal like this guy!

In the Dutch town of Ijsselstein (yeah, I don’t really know how to pronounce that), a man devised a creative way to propose to his girlfriend. In a serious case of “it seemed like a good idea at the time”, he got his hands on a crane. Yep, a crane. The intention was apparently to lift himself to his lady’s window to pop the question. Instead, he popped through the neighbor’s roof. Nope, not the way you may be imagining. It wasn’t a case of “I hit the wrong lever and went through the window”. The crane actually tipped over onto, and through, the roof.


Veiligheid derde , mijn vriend. (Safety third, my friend.)

In an effort to right the crane and minimize the damage, workers managed to make me proud. Instead of getting the crane out of the roof, their attempt sent it crashing back through it and creating an even larger hole. Go big or go home! Or was that go make a big hole in someone’s home? Eh, whatever. Reports say that the 32 people now out of a home while the building is repaired are not amused.

Apparently, she still said yes. (Awww…) According to CNN, the couple immediately headed for Paris to celebrate. Celebrate? That might be what they’re telling people. I’d be more inclined to think that Paris might be a good place to sell an engagement ring to pay for a certain amount of repairs that are being completed on his fiancee’s home. They might want to consider a “my apologies for the inconvenience” gift to everyone else. You know, on second thought, they may just want to stay in Paris permanently and live incognito for a while.

We raise our glass to you, Mr. “I Used a Crane to Propose”! You’re the second winner of a David C. Smith Safety Third Award! Keep up the good work, and be sure to wear a helmet to the wedding… after all, what could possibly go wrong?

Safety Third \Award


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