May 18, 2021

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Senco FinishPro 16XP – More Power, Fewer Misfires

Senco FinishPro 16XP Application

The new Senco FinishPro 16XP hopes to get your attention by tackling two sources of frustration – power and misfires. As always, the question is whether there’s a substantial change in the current model or if it’s just hype.

10-Second Summary

  • Tighter track reduces misfires and increases power
  • New motor is more powerful
  • 4 pounds
  • $165

Senco FinishPro 16XPSenco (now Kyocera Senco) is using what they call EX-Clear. This stamped spring latch system has a tighter track than their previous nailers. That allows the driver to transfer more of its power to your fastener, increasing the driving strength and, according to Senco, virtually eliminating misfires.

It’s more than just a latch system upgrade, though. The FinishPro16XP also benefits from a new, more powerful motor. Senco tells us this is in response to the increase in higher density materials we’re seeing on the job site and that the new motor has significantly more power to deal with them effectively.

Coming in right at 4 pounds, the weight is lower thanks to magnesium construction. It’s a popular material choice across many tool classes thanks to its combination of weight savings and strength, though it typically comes with a little higher price.

Covering 1-1/4″ – 2-1/2″ 16-gauge brad nails, expect retail prices to be around $165 and showing up in stores soon.

That’s your Pro Tool Reviews New Tool Tip-Off – check out Senco’s website for more information!

Senco FinishPro 16XP Feature Set

  • EX-Clear latch design
  • New, more powerful motor
  • Tool-free depth adjustment
  • Push-button integrated air duster
  • Rotatable belt hook
  • Includes: wrenches, tool oil, no-mar pad, case, plug

Key Applications

  • Finish carpentry, woodworking, cabinetry, paneling, casing

Senco FinishPro 16XP Specifications

  • Model: Senco 9S0001
  • Power Source: Compressed air
  • Operating Range: 70 – 120 PSI
  • Air Consumption: 2.2 SCFM
  • Gauge:16
  • Nail Length:1-1/4″ – 2-1/2″
  • Capacity: 110 brad nails
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Height: 11-3/8″
  • Length: 12″
  • Width: 4″
  • Price: $165
  • Warranty: 5 years



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