SimTek Fence Hurricane-ready Molded Stone Panels News & Opinion

SimTek Hurricane-ready Molded Stone Panels

SimTek Fence was on-hand at the 2012 International Builders Show (IBS) in Orlando and we were impressed by both its appearance and its claimed durability. SimTek fencing panels and posts are made with proprietary (and recyclable) Linear Low Density Polyethylene Plastic (LLDPE) and it is reinforced with galvanized steel. The fencing can also withstand constant hurricane force winds up to 110 mph, including gusts of up to 130 mph. As if to add substance to its claims, SimTek fencing is certified to Dade County, Florida hurricane requirements – the toughest hurricane requirements in the world.


SimTek Hurricane-ready Molded Stone Panels Features

Durability and looks alone make me want to install this fencing in my back yard, but SimTek also claims that their fencing, because of its uniquely dense and layered composition, blocks up to 98% of direct sound with a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 26. That’s not like being indoors, but it is a significant reduction for those looking to block external noise from traffic or other sources. SimTek is also very stable in temperature extremes and has been tested at -40° to 140° F. The LLDPE material contains UV12 inhibitors so the colors won’t bleach out over time, even when positioned in direct sunlight and pressure-washed repeatedly. To test this, SimTek placed the panels into a Xeon-Arc chamber accelerated environment and found minimal to no fading.

The SimTek Hurricane-ready Molded Stone Panels come in six designer granite colors, including Brown, Beige, Grey, Black, Desert and White. Installation is very straightforward. You just lay out the design and then attach brackets in advance of level post installation using a template. You simply begin at a corner or end post for level installation, or at the top for an uneven or downhill installation. 30″ x 12″ holes are required for the posts (with a concrete fill base) and panels can be cut easily using circular saws. Stretching a string on the outside of the fence allows you to line up straight walls. The SimTek fencing pretty much follows standard rules for fence installation, so there is a natural transition for those looking to transition to this product.


For those looking for a graffiti-resistant solution, SimTek claims that most paints can be removed using a high-powered pressure washer. The company also provides a maintenance-free lifetime warranty on the SimTek Hurricane-ready Molded Stone Panels. They claim that their patented USA-made fence will never need painting or staining, and it won’t warp, fade or crack.

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