May 9, 2021

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SnapPower USB Charger Wall Plate Preview

SnapPower USB Charger Wall Plate

The SnapPower USB charger wall plate is every bit as innovative and impressive as the company’s SnapRays Guidelights LED wall plate cover we reviewed last year. The SnapPower Charger is a USB charger wall plate that includes a 1-amp USB charger built right into an outlet cover plate. It will charge just about any USB device (phones, tablets, etc.) and save space by removing the need for a larger charging block. Since it has the same installation method as the GuideLights, you can simply remove the old cover plate and screw this one right in. It literally takes about 10-15 seconds. No wiring. No batteries.

An added benefit to the design is that you can take it with you. Since you’re not buying an expensive USB outlet and installing it permanently, you can simply unscrew the USB wall plate when you move, or simply if you decide there’s a better place for it. For renters, this is a huge advantage as you don’t need to ask permission to install it. And wiring up some of these existing USB outlets is as difficult as installing a GFCI outlet due to their bulky size.

USB Charger Wall Plate kitchen
This SnapPower USB charger wall plate is perfect for a kitchen.

The way the SnapPower USB charger wall plate works is that it comes with Power Prong technology that simply slides over your existing outlet, drawing power from the standard screws located on each side (one for the hot lead, and one for neutral). The cover plate then provides a nice low profile USB charging port with up to 1A of output (this is sufficient to charge most smart phones or portable devices as well as tablets at the slower charging speeds). The 1A current limitation us a result of a lot of research Snap Power did in coming up with the best solution that met the best combination of size, price and device needs. The low profile is actually quite nice, as it means you can use the SnapPower USB charger wall plate within close proximity to tables and other furniture which might otherwise present a problem for forward-mounted wall-warts or traditional USB outlet chargers.

SnapPower USB outlet cover
This is how the SnapPower Charger draws power without requiring wiring.

This is a great solution for the bedroom, office, kitchen, living area…honestly, it’s remarkable that the whole standard hasn’t yet changed to incorporate USB charging. It won’t be long before any outlet can be ordered in a new hone (or replaced in an existing one) with some kind of USB charging functionality. Until then, something like the SnapPower Charger is a brilliant, low cost solution. Beginning as a Kickstarter campaign, the SnapPower USB Charger wall plate costs as low as $10-12 each. That’s less than half of what comparable USB outlets cost which force you to rewire an entire outlet to accommodate the USB charging.

USB Charger Wall Plate thin profile
The low profile on the SnapPower USB Wall Charger makes it a great fit for locations that benefit from its close-to-wall proximity and sideways-oriented positioning.

The new SnapPower Chargers are also available in three colors: White, Light Almond, and Ivory, and in both standard and Decorator style plates.

Check out the Kickstart campaign to get yours!

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Do they make the chargers for Australia

Yep, not the most attractive of plates. Still, I like the idea of it being a replacement once the furniture is in place and you can combine where it’s most needed with where it’s also hidden.

ugly but I love it…….. everyone needs this now days. Eliminates long cords


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