Sola FCL Floor Layout Level Kit Announced

Sola FCL Floor Layout Level Kit Announced

Sola has introduced the FCL, a new floor layout laser that takes a slightly different approach to floor layout. This laser, unlike others in its class that project a single 90 angle, sends out four 90 degree angles, allowing you to do more simultaneously. It can do this because at each end the tool projects lasers in a crosshair pattern out the front and back. Since the layout laser is designed to sit on the ground, Sola made it fully adjustable to compensate for uneven floors. On top of that, the feet can allow the laser to sit up to 2 inches off the ground so tile can even be set just underneath the laser. Accuracy of the laser is 0.3mm/m (lateral deviation) or 0.017 degrees.

Sola FCL Floor Layout Level Kit

The thing that makes this layout tool so remarkable is that it projects the lines out to over 60 feet (30 feet radius per line), making it more versatile than most you’ll find for this application and launching it squarely into the realm of commercial use. Since the retails for $249 (but we found you can find it online for $190) you’d expect it to perform very well. The Sola FCL Floor Layout system comes with the Sola FCL laser, a padded case, glasses and batteries.

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