Stanley Black & Decker Owns Craftsman Tools: What’s Next?

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It’s literally last year’s news that Stanley Black & Decker owns Craftsman Tools. There’s plenty of work for the company to do as it shifts the Craftsman brand into the fold with DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Proto, MAC Tools, and more. But what happens next?

There are some crossover products in Craftsman’s offering that seems to compete with the other brands in the SBD family. Anytime a tool group (or other manufacturing sectors for that matter) makes a similar acquisition, you can expect some changes. We’ve collected some whispers, rumors, and batted around some thoughts of our own.

It’s important to note – NONE of this is based on anything other than conjecture. It’s guesswork all the way around, but it’s kind of fun to dream, scheme, and then see if we’re right.

Stanley Black & Decker Owns Craftsman Tools – What Happens Next?

Theory #1 – OPE Focus

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Theorized by some, including PTR Editor-in-Chief, Clint DeBoer, Craftman’s tools divisions are absorbed into other brands like Porter-Cable and Stanley (Porter-Cable hand tools, perhaps?) while the Craftsman brand goes completely lawn care.

Completely Made Up Probability Rating: 40%

This one’s possible given how much of Craftsman’s business is in lawn care. Well, maybe not the Porter-Cable hand tools. Those would be better shifting to Stanley.

Theory #2 – Business as Usual


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It’s possible that SBD may just let Craftsman continue running the majority of their business as is. Some of the direct competition between brands will just fall away from Craftsman where it’s not as profitable.

Complete Made Up Probability Rating: 10%

It’s just not likely with so many crossover products that SBD would rely on the Craftsman name alone and take sales away from the other branches.

Theory #3 – Porter-Cable Moves Out and Craftsman Moves In

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Porter-Cable has seen very slow expansion compared to the other brands. We know DeWalt isn’t going anywhere on the Pro side and neither is Stanley for DIYers. With Porter-Cable unable to find a solid foothold in the Prosumer market, Craftsman uses their brand recognition to take over that sector.

Completely Made Up Probability Rating: 30%

This one is another attractive possibility. Gone are the days of high-quality Pro-level routers (many of which are still in use) as the brand has struggled in this tool group and Craftsman as a Prosumer Brand isn’t a huge leap of faith. Plus, the Prosumer/homeowner route allows them to keep their lawn care business.

Theory #4 – Craftsman Becomes the New Pro Mechanic’s Choice

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In this scenario, DeWalt lets go of their automotive focus and hands it over to Craftsman. With Craftsman already making a lot of hand tools, they move up in quality on the power tool and storage side to maintain a Pro focus.

Completely Made Up Probability Rating: 20%

I really want to like this scenario because of the nostalgia that using Craftsman hand tools has, but it’s a bit too much of a stretch to see them give up the lawn care side of their business to focus solely on mechanics.

So Stanley Black & Decker owns Craftsman Tools – what do you think they’re going to do? Tell us if you agree with one of our thoughts or if you have another thought in the comments below!

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