Sunday Morning Comics: 18 Wheels and a Left-Hand Turn

Sunday Morning Comics: 18 Wheels and a Left-Hand Turn

If you’ve been following along, you might remember that my career as a flooring Pro didn’t last too long. Even though that wasn’t really my fault, I had to look for some different work. I saw one of those “We’re Hiring!” signs on the back of a semi along with a phone number.

I figure driving can’t be that hard and the freedom of the open road sounds good, so I gave them a call.

A few weeks later, I earned my CDL and got my first job doing some regional deliveries for a freight company. Things were going pretty well and I got some confidence going. I was making good relationships with the warehouse managers I was making regular deliveries to.

That’s when it happened.

I’m making a left turn across a four-lane highway and there’s no one coming the other direction. I mean absolutely no one.

Except for a van full of kids on their way to a soccer tournament.

I was committed to the turn and stopping wasn’t an option by the time I saw the van, so I hit the gas. Well, hit the diesel. It turns out you really can take a turn too fast.

The good news is that the cab stayed up, but I lost the load and took out a power line. Two things hit me at that point. First, I’m really impressed at the way the lines can hold up a broken pole. Second, can you believe how the trailer frame bent like that???

Well, the first police officer showed up while I was laughing at the twisted frame and maybe got the wrong impression.

By the time it was all said and done, I was immediately fired by my company and they wouldn’t pay my bail. I’m not sure what I’ll try to do after I get out, but I’m betting there won’t be any driving involved.

Sunday Morning Comics on Pro Tool Reviews is designed to make you laugh at the absurd world we live in by putting a completely made-up twist on what we see. If this post didn’t make you laugh, we’ll send good vibes your way until you feel better about it.

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