Tilt Wall Construction Drone View Video

Tilt Wall Construction Drone View video

If you’ve never seen tilt wall construction, check out this DRONE view of a new building going up. This is how Marcobay Construction in Lakeland, FL does it! These are massive 250,000 pound reinforced concrete walls, being erected for the West wall of a new Southern Wine & Spirits location nearby. Each wall is preformed on the ground, with electrical channels and windows (if applicable) already cut out and/or placed. This tilt wall construction drone view video really puts it all in perspective—literally!

Tilt Wall Construction Drone View Video

Once the panels are lifted into place they are locked down with long reinforced steel struts that hold it until the entire structure is locked together and stabilized.

The tilt wall construction drone view is really a whole new way to watch and appreciate this kind of innovative construction. When you think about how heavy these panels are, and the precision with which each is lifted and placed, you get an instant appreciation for the tradesmen that make it all possible. Thanks to Marcobay Construction for putting up this great video—and showing us all how it’s done!

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