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Milwaukee's New SawZall Ax Blades

Milwaukee’s New SawZall Ax Blades

When we attended Milwaukee Tool’s 2010 Press Event to check out their new line of tools and accessories, we were forbidden by NDA to talk about their newest line of SawZall Ax blades. This week, the company released us from that and we can now show off the innovative new wood cutting SawZall Blades. They come in both standard and “The Ax” profiles, which delivers a very fast cut with the ability to survive cross-cut nail impacts. The Ax also has one of the quickest plunge cuts of any blade we’ve seen. Take a look at the design of the individual cutting blades and you’ll see how they are made to ride backwards over a nail and not catch, breaking the teeth

DeWalt Solid Rock Carbide SDS Plus Drill Bits

DeWalt Rock Carbide SDS Plus Bits

DeWalt announced the launch of its Solid Rock Carbide SDS Plus drill bits. The new bits are designed for mechanical contractors, electricians and general contractors for drilling holes in hard concrete, reinforced concrete, block and pan decking. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the bits have an innovative bonding system that is used to affix the Solid Rock Carbide tip to the flute providing extreme durability and longer bit life in the toughest applications.