PenCoAmerica RevMark Marker

RevMark marker speed square

As far as marking tools go, the “Sharpie” style of marker has remained one of my favorites on the jobsite. You just need to know how to use it properly to get accurate cuts. Other Pros we’ve talked to prefer anything from pens and pencils to newfangled mechanical carpenter pencils that feed lead like a snap-off utility knife. The Pen Company of America RevMark marker is a sort of reverse cap marker. It flips the script on how a permanent marker works.

RevMark Marker Features and Use

The RevMark marker is a permanent marker that attaches to your pants, belt, tool belt, or uniform. Moreover, it lets you remove and replace the marker into the cap with just one hand.

RevMark quickdraw markers belt clip
With work pants or a work belt you can remove and replace the RevMark marker with one hand—and without looking. With nicer clothing you may not be confident enough that you wouldn’t drag the tip across a pocket.

The RevMark marker is great for situations where you want to grab your permanent marker while keeping your other hand free. It also keeps you from figuring out where to put the marker cap…or placing it in your mouth as I’m apt to do. I like that I can finally make marks on rough cuts and dimensional lumber without having to really think about it. After a few times you really get a feel for removing the pen and replacing it with the same hand.

RevMark quickdraw markers featured
Over 400-inches (33 feet) of lines scribed onto plywood made the RevMark a win in our book.

We used the RevMark markers to scribe marks on boards for our 12V drill shootout of ten popular models. We needed to mark off every 21 screws so we could drive the fasteners in batches and get accurate run-time results without overheating the drill motors. A single RevMark permanent marker was able to scribe over 400-inches worth of lines on 3/4-inch plywood. When we were done the tip was no linger “fine point” but the marker continued to work. It’s effective, and should last a good amount of time if you’re marking lumber for framing, decking, roofing or similar applications.


You can pick up a two-pack of RevMark markers for around $2 each in multi-packs. That’s less than the price of Milwaukee InkZall markers and little more than the price of similar Sharpies. In my opinion that makes it an easy recommendation—if only to try it out for yourself.

For more information visit the PenCoAmerica website.

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