PlazMask Pre-taped Masking Film Review

PlazMask pre-taped masking film

Sometimes the hardest thing to review is a product so simple and effective you don’t have a lot to say. PlazMask pre-taped masking film falls squarely into that category. We found it super-handy and easy to use.

What is Pre-taped Masking Film?

In short, pre-taped masking film is a thin-mil plastic sheet with pre-affixed masking tape on one side. As you unroll the pre-folded sheet from the roll, it exposes the tape. In this way, you can quickly and easily mask off areas without a multi-step process.

PlazMask along baseboard

Apart from using a system like this, you’d quickly find yourself spreading out 1-mil (or similar) painters plastic and then going along the entire edge with painters masking tape to affix it to your baseboard, doorframe, window trim, or whatever you were masking off from spray, brush, or roller.

How We Used It

We used PlazMask in several areas. First, we used it along the stairs in our shop space. This allowed us to easily mask those off so we could more quickly begin texturing the wall.

PlazMask pre-taped painters plastic

The PlazMask plastic is thick enough to keep the low-pressure texture (and eventual paint) from coming through.

overspray on pre-taped masking film

We also used it around the door trim and even along the floor for the same reason. It applies quickly and easily. You just want to do a little at a time. If you unroll too much you risk having the tape stick to the plastic. Given the rather thin nature of the plastic, this often resulted in is cutting our losses (literally) and starting again.

using pre-taped plastic sheets on ground

Inside, we used it in a small bathroom. It helped mask off the ceiling and door…

PlazMask along door frame trim

And made quick work of the baseboard. Once applied, we again went right to texturing.

PlazMask Pre-taped Masking Film Available Sizes

  • 2 x 65 ft.
  • 3 x 65 ft.
  • 4 x 65 ft.
  • 5 x 65 ft.
  • 6 x 65 ft.
  • 9 x 65 ft.
  • 12 x 65 ft.

Most sizes also come in 12-pack cases—which we recommend for painters so they can simply “grab and go” when needed.


Like I said—there’s not much to say when you have a product that simply works. We used it on residential painting, but I could also see this product working on certain automotive applications.

PlazMask does what it claims, and we found it an easy product to use. At just $7.99 for a 5 x 65 ft. roll ($70 for a 12-pack), it also proved quite affordable. Bill it to the job and select the size you need.

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Mate…..that spray painting unit you used….arrrrrgh!!! I bought a couple of units from Bunnings hardware store to use on our new house build, did a couple of test runs, got similar “splatter” results….and duly returned them for a refund!!! Then went to a paint store with my refund cash, bought a high efficiency airless unit, and Bob’s your Uncle!!


Stuff has been around in the body shop industry for 20 year’s already

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