October 28, 2021

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PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Combo Kit Hands-On Review

PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Grading

Pacific Laser Systems Packs Everything You Need in One Box with the PLS HV2R Combo Kit

Rotary lasers are helpful in a variety of construction applications when you need an accurate layout. Crossline lasers (like the PLS 180G we reviewed) can work, but they don’t always have the range you need, and dialing in the right slope can be challenging. We brought in the PLS HV2R rotary laser combo kit from Pacific Laser Systems to see if it has the accuracy and features to make your next job easier.


  • Everything you need in one convenient case
  • Excellent 3/32-inch accuracy
  • IP67 weatherproof rating
  • Easy slope adjustments on the laser or with remote
  • Self-leveling up to 5º


  • No lithium-ion power option

PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Standout Features and Adjustments


The PLS HV2R rotary laser comes calibrated with a 3/32-inch accuracy at 100 feet (1/32-inch at 33 feet). That’s among the most accurate lasers we’ve used, though we have seen slightly higher. We’re talking about being more accurate by 1/32-inch at 100 feet, so it doesn’t get a whole lot better than what we’re seeing here.


This model is a red laser that has a limited visual range when you’re using it outside in the sun. Like most rotary lasers, it’s easiest to use with a laser detector. Once you have that in play, you can get a measurement out to 1000 feet.

When you’re working with closer distances, there’s a red target card in the kit that can help you pick up the beam without an electronic detector.

Leveling and Slope

One of the reasons we love modern lasers is their ability to self-level. The PLS HV2R rotary laser self-levels up to 5º up or down.

That also sets the limits for its slope capabilities and it’s really easy to use. With either the remote or the onboard controls, hit the “M” key and go to work. The up and down buttons give you a vertical change directly in front and back of the laser. In combination with the 10º angle function, it works great when you just need to set your point B height.

PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Controls

If you need to set or verify the slope at multiple points or visually see the line, set the laser up to the side and use the left/right slope keys to give the beam a left/right slope instead of a front/back.

The movement of the beam is fairly slow, but that’s a good thing. It helps keep the diode steady so it’s not bouncing around on you and makes it easier to stop at the exact elevation you want the first time.


You can mount the laser on a tripod in either a horizontal beam or vertical beam orientation and keep all of your functions. There’s also a plumb spot emitting from the top if you need it.

PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Vertical Tripod Mount

Speed and Angle

RPM Settings

  • 0 RPM
  • 150 RPM
  • 300 RPM
  • 600 RPM

Angle Locks

  • 10º
  • 45º
  • 90º
  • 360º (full rotation)

Power Sources

Pacific Laser Systems sends the combo kit with 4 D batteries to power the laser and they can last up to 60 continuous hours. You’re also able to use the NiMH battery pack for a rechargeable option. The downside is that there isn’t a lithium-ion option available at the moment.

PLS HV2R Accessories

Remote Control

The remote control that comes in the kit uses 2 AA batteries for power (PLS includes them). What we really like about it is that the controls are exactly the same as the ones on the laser body.

PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Remote Control

They’re in a slightly different orientation, but they keep the same icons. Once you know what the controls do for one set, you know what they do for the other. It’s simple, the way it should be.

Laser Detector

The PLS XLD laser detector uses a single AA battery and only has two buttons to worry about. Once you turn it on, pressing the power button again cycles between high and low volume beeps.

PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Detector

The bottom button cycles between tolerance thickness from 1/8-inch to 1/2-inch. Holding the button down turns on or off helpful LED indicators – red to point you up or down and green to let you know you’re on target.

Pressing both buttons together cycles between decimal feet, fractional inches, millimeters, and centimeters.

Like most detectors, it comes with a mounting bracket that includes an adjustable clamp. There are also magnets on the top along with screens on the front and back.


The PLS HV2R rotary laser combo kit includes the TPOD410 tripod. The construction is pretty simple and highly effective.

PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Tripod

It’s a stable, aluminum design with telescoping tubes shaped to add rigidity. Pointed ends and step tabs on the bottom of each leg ensure you can secure it to the ground. There’s some side-to-side movement in the locking bolt, allowing you some wiggle room to line up the threads on the laser.

Grade Rod

The kit includes an aluminum telescoping grade rod that reaches up nearly 10 feet at its tallest height. The double-sided markings are easy to see with a white background that helps the laser stand out when you’re in visual range.

PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Grade Rod

Simple push detents secure each section in place and make it easy to collapse when you’re ready to pack it up.

Additional Accessories

  • Alkaline Battery Tray
  • NiMH Rechargeable Battery and Charger
  • Wall and Ceiling Mount
  • Target Card
  • Case to hold the entire kit
PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Layout

Jobsite-Ready Build Quality

The PLS HV2R rotary laser has an IP67 rating, meaning it’s not just weatherproof, it’s actually submersible. We don’t recommend you use it underwater, but it’s nice to know that it can withstand whatever mother nature throws at it.

It also carries a 3.3-foot (1 meter) drop rating.


The PLS HV2R rotary laser Combo Kit we tested runs $999.99. That’s on the lower side for a laser with this kind of accuracy and range, and it’s a really good value compared to what you might get from Hilti or other premium brands.


PLS HV2R Z Bare Tool (5195946): $1199.99

  • PLS HV2R laser level
  • BP10 alkaline battery tray
  • 4x D batteries
  • Safety sheet
  • Quick reference guide

PLS HV2R SYS (5195946): $1499.99

  • PLS HV2R laser level
  • BP10 alkaline battery tray
  • 4x D batteries
  • RBP10 NiMH rechargeable battery tray
  • BC20 universal charging cord
  • RC2 remote control
  • XLD rotary laser detector
  • XLD clamp
  • WCB10 rotary wall and ceiling mount
  • RRT4 red reflective target
  • Safety sheet
  • Quick reference guide

PLS HV2R KIT (5022558): $1799.99

  • PLS HV2R laser level
  • BP10 alkaline battery tray
  • 4x D batteries
  • RBP10 NiMH rechargeable battery tray
  • BC20 universal charging cord
  • RC2 remote control
  • XLD rotary laser detector
  • XLD clamp
  • WCB10 rotary wall and ceiling mount
  • RRT4 red reflective target
  • TPOD500 elevator tripod
  • GR16 grade rod
  • Safety sheet
  • Quick reference guide

PLS HV2R COMBO KIT (5195946): $999.99 – REVIEWED

  • PLS HV2R laser level
  • BP10 alkaline battery tray
  • 4x D batteries
  • RC2 remote control
  • XLD rotary laser detector
  • XLD clamp
  • RRT4 red reflective target
  • TPOD 410 elevator tripod
  • Grade rod 1/8th & 1/10th scale
  • Carrying case

Each option is also available with a green laser for a higher price (add $100-$200)

The Bottom Line

We really like the overall design of the PLS HV2R rotary laser and how easy it was to master its functions. We’d prefer a lithium-ion battery over NiMH, but it’s better than NiCad and having an alkaline battery backup plan is nice. Grab the Combo Kit (model 5195946) for the best value and an all-in-one case option for storage and transport.

The only reasons to pass on this system are if you really need the tiny bit more accuracy that’s available in more expensive systems or you’re looking for features like a remote-controlled tripod height.

PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Specifications

  • Tested Model: PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Combo Kit (5195946)
  • Power Source: 4x D cell alkaline or optional rechargeable NiMH batteries
  • Accuracy: 3/32-inch at 100 feet
  • Self-leveling Range: ±5º
  • Slope Range: ±5º
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Price as Tested: $999.99

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