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2021 Pro Tool Innovation Awards Announced!

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2021 winners

The 2021 Pro Tool Innovation Awards have been announced with winners and finalists across more than 150 categories that recognize innovative tools, accessories, fasteners, and products across the construction industry as well as automotive, maintenance, woodworking, industrial, production, and landscaping trades!

Every year, the Pro Tool Innovation Awards highlight the most innovative products from around these industries. You’ll find major manufacturers alongside small companies with big ideas—and all of them are heading to the market or are already there.

For manufacturers, the awards present a chance to show off what they’ve been doing since last year. For you, it’s a chance to see the newest tools, some of which are being seen publically for the first time.

Innovation continues to take many forms and cordless tools are involved on many fronts. New battery technology is opening doors to more powerful equipment. Outdoor Power Equipment is seeing huge expansion thanks to more advanced products—and significantly improved battery power. It’s also making the jobs of plumbers and electricians easier.

Even with all of that going on, there’s still plenty of innovation happening across corded, pneumatic, and hand tools. We even saw a new exoskeleton hit the market that should aid in overhead work!

This year’s team of judges represents well over 150 years of experience in the trades and tool industries, comprising a vast perspective when it comes to identifying relevant innovation that makes a difference in how you do the job. So call your friends, fire up the grill, and take a look at the Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2021 winners!

2021 Pro Tool Innovation Awards Categories

Here are links to each of the categories directly so you can check out the winners for yourself:

Feel free to tell us what you’re excited about in the comments below!

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