Ridgid 18V 175-Watt Power Inverter

Ridgid 18V Power Inverter

Ridgid 18V Power Inverter Extends Battery Capability

We rely on our phones and other devices a lot throughout the day for work and leisure. When that dreaded “20% or less” battery alert pops up, having something on hand to charge your device back up again can be a lifesaver. That’s where the Ridgid 18V 175-Watt Power Inverter (AC86097) comes in. Take a closer look to find out what else it has to offer.

Ridgid 18V 175-Watt Power Inverter: The Big Deal

Ridgid boasts a big upgrade to this power inverter when compared to its previous iteration. The last model (RD97100) maxed out at 100 watts, so if you needed to charge something that pulled more than that, you were out of luck. Although the old model costs significantly less (right now it’s listed at less than $20), you get much better power with the new 175-watt capacity.

Of course, the main benefit of the cordless design ensures that you can take it with you anywhere you need it to charge a variety of small electronic devices. Unlike the last model, which drew power from a 12-volt outlet, you have the convenience of being completely cord-free when it comes to portable power.

The Ridgid AC86097 power inverter features four charging outlets (a 120V AC outlet, two USB-A outlets, and one USB-C outlet), for simultaneous charging of up to four devices at a time. It’s ideal for laptops, tablets, phones, or other small electronics that pull up to 175 watts.

Additional Features

  • Compatible with any Ridgid 18V battery
  • Integrated LED flashlight for low-light use

Ridgid 18V 175-Watt Power Inverter Price

You can find the power inverter at The Home Depot for $89 beginning in September 2022. At the time of writing, we don’t see any kitted options for this tool and we don’t expect to see one with this type of product. However, Ridgid is known for its promos and you never know when you might see the inverter as an add-on with a combo kit or bare battery purchase.

Ridgid backs your purchase with a 3-year warranty.


  • Model: Ridgid AC86097
  • Length: 3.08 in
  • Width: 5.08 in
  • Height: 2.67 in
  • Voltage: 18V

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