Ridgid 18V Hybrid Folding Panel Light

Ridgid 18V folding panel light
PTIA Finalist 2016

No matter what type of specific trade you’re in, there aren’t many areas where a good quality LED light won’t come in handy. The first thing I noticed about the Ridgid 18V Folding Panel Light (model R8694221B) was how flexible it was in covering an area. There are three panels—one fixed, and two folding side panels. The center panel has 24 LEDs and each side panel has 12.

That’s a total of 48 LEDs, but it’s not the number that matters the most when you’re looking at a jobsite work light.

The LED light output, coupled with the movability of the panels, sets this system apart. Getting the 2500 lumens of output already makes for a good work light. Having the ability to throw that light around to the front, sides, and even the rear, makes it a GREAT work light. Ridgid definitely designed this LED work light to maximize both the range and direction of its coverage. The flexible panel design also serves to make it rather compact. That’s important whether you’re moving from location to location, or from one jobsite to another.

More Ridgid 18V Folding Panel Light Features

Run-time tests can vary based on temperature, battery quality, and other factors. You can expect the Ridgid 18V Folding Panel Light to run for up to 14 hours in Low on one of their new 5.0 Ah batteries. Of course, if you need even longer run-time just plug the light in using any standard electrical cord. It’s ready for that, too.

Ridgid 18V Folding Panel Light Power Inlet

This panels we mentioned above fold closed to protect the Ridgid Panel Light, but they can also open up wide to provide near-360 degree coverage. Combine that with the pivoting handle and 1/4-inch threaded mount, and you can place this light just about anywhere.

Ridgid 18V Folding Panel Light Closed

Our favorite place included attaching the Ridgid 18V Folding Panel Light to one of the arms of the Ridgid Universal Collapsible Tripod Stand. With that system, you can elevate the Ridgid Panel Light to a height of over 7 feet!

Ridgid 18V Folding Panel Light Tripod Stand

Ridgid Gen5X 18V Hybrid Folding Panel Light Specs

  • Lumens: 2500
  • Power: 18V Ridgid battery (not included), 120V power
  • Run-time: 14 hours (Low)
  • Light source: 24 individual LEDs, 3 panels
  • Variable power dial
  • Temperature overload protection

Using the Ridgid R8694221B Folding Panel Light

We used the Ridgid 18V Folding Panel Light on a couple of projects, including lighting up a set while shooting some video in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. On the jobsite, it helped with illuminating a shed while we modified some of the interior wiring. The ability to both focus the light and open it up for wider dispersion makes for a truly versatile job site light. The dual power source only adds to that. Plus, the extensive run-time means that you can toss this in the back of your work truck or van for all-day use.

Ridgid 18V Folding Panel Light Folded

The side dial surrounds the On/Off button, and it also digitally controls the illumination. That means you don’t have to run the Ridgid Panel Light full-out if you don’t need to. Since it runs for around 14 hours on Low using a 5.0Ah battery, you can expect to get in the neighborhood of 2 hours on High.

That’s fairly impressive.


As a job site LED light for interior work, the Ridgid 18V Folding Panel Light is a slam dunk. For $99 you will be hard-pressed to find a better deal or a more versatile product. Making the case even more compelling, the Ridgid R8694221B won a Finalist Award in the 2016 Pro Tool Innovation Awards this year.

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