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Ridgid Octane 18V Tools and Batteries

Ridgid Octane Reciprocating Saw Review

New Ridgid Octane 18v tools and batteries have made their way to Home Depot stores. These larger capacity battery packs bring the promise of greater power and longer run-time. We cracked open some of the new battery packs to see what makes the new system different. We also compared both tools and batteries to non-Octane Ridgid products.

What is Ridgid Octane?

Essentially, Ridgid Octane is an additional layer of communication between the tool and battery. When you pair a Ridgid Octane battery with a Ridgid Octane 18V tool, the tool tells the battery exactly what it is connected to. If a tool and battery both register as Octane—the power available for the tool increases.

Ridgid Octane 18V batteries
The Ridgid Octane 6Ah and 9Ah battery packs use standard 18650 cells. The 6Ah pack has two 5-cell layers and the 9Ah pack has three 5-cell layers.

Why it Works

Standard Ridgid cordless tools have built-in fail-safes. For example, the battery has something similar to a governor that only allows a certain amount of current draw to protect the pack. This avoids potentially abusive power draws.

With the new communications system, the buffer zone that protects “dumb” batteries isn’t necessary. The battery now knows exactly what tool is connected. It can also determine how to power its specific torque curve most effectively.

Ridgid Octane Reciprocating Saw Review

Not only does electronic communication allow Ridgid’s current brushless motor to ask for more power, but it also gives them the ability to use larger brushless motors. One that you’ll see coming soon is the Ridgid MegaMax – a multi-head tool that boasts a bigger brushless motor similar to what cordless lawn mowers are currently using.

Performance Promises

Ridgid is finding up to 65% greater performance when you make the connection between a Ridgid Octane tool and battery. The automatic assumption is that they decided to move to 20700 or 21700 lithium-ion cells. However, that’s not the case.

Ridgid Octane Reciprocating Saw Review

According to Ridgid, there’s still at least one more step 18650 cells can get to before needing to change to larger cells. Staying on the current cell means that you won’t see as big of a price difference as you do with other manufacturers. While there may be some changes to the pack itself, the performance boost is primarily coming from the ability to communicate.

UPDATE: Ridgid did seem to make the switch to newer 21700 cells in its 3Ah Octane packs—at least based on our evaluation of the pack’s internals and cell size. Take a look at the Ridgid Octane 3Ah battery opened up:

Ridgid Octane battery inside Ridgid Octane 3Ah battery

Bluetooth Capability

Ridgid Octane batteries come in 3 flavors: 3 Ah Compact, 6 Ah Standard, and 9 Ah High Capacity. Perhaps those numbers will bump up at the point Ridgid makes the jump to larger cells across the line.

There’s also Bluetooth communication in each of the batteries. More than a dozen functions come along with it. One of my favorites is the battery status. Not only do you get feedback on the battery’s health, but you can also see a countdown while you’re charging—telling you exactly how much time it needs to get back to 100%.

Read more about the battery here:

Ridgid 18V 9.0 Amp Hour Bluetooth Battery

Ridgid Octane Tools

Right now, Ridgid Octane 18V tools include a new brushless reciprocating saw and Octane grinder, Octane jigsaw, and Octane impact driver and drill. That will be changing soon as the MegaMax starts expanding. Look for new tools like a full-size hammer drill that boasts 1300 inch-pounds of torque. Apparently, that’s only the beginning.

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Jake Ziegenhorn

Can anyone tell me if the octane batteries are interchangeable with non octane batteries? My local hardware store has stopped selling octane batteries.

Greg Miller

I have a hard time believing the “octane” claims and while I’m normally a person that embraces new technology, the Bluetooth feature seems virtually entirely pointless. If you need to be monitoring the charge time of your battery so closely because you need that battery asap then just buy another battery for Christ’s sake. Also, I don’t want to pull out my cell phone to check my battery status precisely when I have a perfectly good battery status indicator on the battery itself.

RIDGID Power Tools

Awesome guys! Octane is a game changer👊

Christopher Plank

I was disappointed to see the new Ryobi 3.0ah battery was a 2p full size instead of a compact pack. The SDS for the Ridgid 3.0ah says it’s using the new 21700 cells, did they talk about that battery at all?

Mark Griffin

Ridgid as a company has no continuity between departments. I recently had a issue with a product and needed repair under their warranty. Ridgid has multiple numbers for warranty repair. None of the numbers I was provided wanted to claim responsibility for the item nor was any of the representatives helpful. Home Depot finally replaced the item after 2 days of arguing, but Ridgid to this day denies manufacturing it.

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