Rockler Gallon-sized Mixing Mate Paint Can Lid Preview

Rockler has just introduced a larger, gallon-sized version of its original quart-sized Mixing Mate Paint Lid. The gallon-sized Mixing Mate is just a step up and has the same features of its smaller cousin, including the integrated mixing turbine and crank handle. We haven’t seen anything this convenient since the Back Butter Buddy. The Gallon-sized Mixing Mate works by simply rotating the integrated handle to thoroughly mix a gallon of paint in just a few seconds. Plus, using this means that your paint won’t drip or spill when you pour it into a pan. You lid seals the can tightly, so you can store the can with the Mixing Mate attached, but that’s an expensive long-term paint lid at around $20.

It certainly seems like a great way to eliminate spills during use, however I’m not sure this is a great solution for those storing gallons and gallons of paint as the costs could add up very quickly. Still, tossing away that messy lid and paint stick is an attractive proposition if you are consistently running through paint cans. Pros won’t find this as useful since it’s oriented towards smaller gallon-sized projects, but if you find yourself alternating gallons of trim paint colors, perhaps this could be a tool you move from job to job to make your cleanup significantly easier.


Each Mixing Mate Paint Lid features four cam locks that create a tight seal to the can, eliminating spills. After the lid is locked, you just crank the handle clockwise for about 30 seconds to completely mix the paint or finish (it’s fine for stains as well). The integrated pouring handle looks to be made very well, and it’s easy to grip. A spring-loaded thumb trigger means that you can pour your paint accurately and quickly with just one hand (think “maple syrup dispenser”). The pour spout/trigger mechanism is spring-loaded, so it  seals itself when you’re done and you can store the unused can as-is.


The gallon-sized Mixing Mate (44170) retails for $19.99 and is available wherever Rockler Woodworking products are sold.

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