Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless Framing Nailer

Ryobi 18V Framing Nailer

Ryobi Adds Long-Anticipated Cordless Framing Nailer To 18V Lineup

Ryobi has a tool solution for pretty much any application you can think of, but there actually are a few gaps. The Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless Framing Nailer fills one of the big ones that fans have been asking for. It enters the ring with two separate models and we wanted to know how they compare to other nailing solutions.

Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless Framing Nailer: The Big Deal

These two models mark Ryobi’s first venture into the cordless framing nailer world. They include a 21° full head nailer and a 30° full and clipped head nailer. The nailers’ brushless motors allow the driving power to sink nails from 2 inches to 3 1/2 inches in length and claim the power to drive flush in hardwoods.

Thanks to Ryobi’s Airstrike Technology, these cordless framing nailers don’t require wrangling around air hoses or consumable gas cartridges. Instead, this technology utilizes an internal piston to compress enough air to each nail you’re driving with just an 18V lithium-ion battery.

A couple of things stand out in the design. One is that there is a field-serviceable air-fill valve on the tool. Unlike some designs that require you to take the nailer into the service center for filling, you can do it yourself when you notice you’re not getting the driving depth you’re used to.

The other element is a shock absorber for the battery. We first saw this kind of feature on high-vibration tools, such as Milwaukee’s monster M18 Fuel 1-inch impact wrench, but it’s not so common on nailers. Still, vibration can significantly reduce the life of your battery, so its inclusion gets two thumbs up from us.

Additional Features

  • Tool-free drive depth adjustment
  • Single and bump fire modes with a selection switch (no trigger changes required)
  • Integrated rafter hook for easy on-the-job storage
  • 21° capacity: 33 nails
  • 30° capacity: 60 nails
  • Drives up to 750 nails with a 4.0Ah High Performance battery

Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless Framing Nailer Price

Both nailer models have a retail price of $329 for the bare tool. Kit options are also on the way. You can find them exclusively at The Home Depot starting in 2023. Ryobi backs your purchase with a 3-year warranty.

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When I first saw this on another YT channel, I thought it looked an awful lot like the M18 versions. The housing is almost identical in shape and size.
Then I read your article and it appears that this has lower internal working parts than the Milwaukee. However, I is priced almost the same.


This is a move in the right direction. While I don’t like most of their HP tools, I always saw the Air Strike Nailers as a must have.


Very similar to the ridgid/AEG framing gun if you ask me. Mind you, they are all part of TTI.

The ridgid/aeg gun also has a refillable tank iirc.

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