Ryobi 40V Backpack Power Supply Review

Ryobi 40V Backpack Power Supply Review

Extend Your Runtime With The Ryobi 40V Backpack Power Supply

Back in 2021, Ryobi made a noticeable jump in performance with their 40V lawn care lineup. In 2022, the design teams brought out innovation we didn’t expect, such as a joystick-controlled zero-turn. We asked the question back then… is Ryobi going to target the professional market? We’re getting closer to an answer as we take a look at the Ryobi 40V Backpack Power Supply.

Using the Ryobi 40V Backpack Power Supply

How it Works

Three Batteries

Unlatching the cover, there’s room for three Ryobi 40V batteries inside and you can use just one or two if you want. This can be anything from 2.0Ah batteries to the big 12.0Ah packs. Each port powers your tools independently, so you can mix and match different battery capacities. All three ports are also active and automatically switch from one pack to the next, starting with the pack that has the greatest charge.

From the backpack, a cable connects to a dummy pack that you slide in place of a standard battery. LED indicators on the back of the pack show you the remaining charge in each of the batteries under the cover.

Dummy Pack

The backpack is also a sequential rapid charger—but the dummy pack doesn’t connect to a charger. There’s a charging block that comes in the box, providing 295 watts of charging power. It connects to the side of the backpack and to a standard 120V wall outlet. Total, the cord offers just under 13 feet of reach.

Ryobi 40V Backpack Power Supply Review


Ryobi 40V Backpack Power Supply Review

The harness features shoulder and chest straps along with a padded hips strap to shift the weight of the backpack to your hips. Ryobi did a good job making the harness fit a wide range of body types and we were able to easily (and quickly) find a comfortable fit.

On the right hip strap, there’s a guide for the cable. It’s not reversible, though. Considering the cable comes down from the center of the power supply and can easily go on the right or left side, adding a cable guide on the left is something to consider down the road.

Cable Guide

If it makes charging easier or you want to clean the straps, you can remove the harness from the power supply. Just release the latch on the top and tilt the power supply forward to remove it.

Ryobi 40V Backpack Power Supply Review

Additional Highlights

  • Gasket offers some water and dust protection
  • Dummy pack has a belt clip for when you’re switching tools
  • Works with all Ryobi 40V batteries

Who It’s Good For

Ryobi 40V Backpack Power Supply Review

The big draw for using this power supply is to have the runtime of three batteries on your back and gain longer runtime. It also lets you use higher capacity batteries than you normally would. No one wants the weight of a 12.0Ah battery on a chainsaw, but when you’re cleaning up after a hurricane, it sure is nice to have the runtime of them.

Whether it’s long runtime for a single tool, quickly switching tools to cover a large property, or using one power supply to hit multiple properties, those are the scenarios where buying this makes sense.

Ryobi 40V Backpack Power Supply Price

The power supply runs $449 at Home Depot and doesn’t include batteries. It has a 5-year warranty on the unit and 3 years on the charger.

The Bottom Line

With products like the Ryobi 40V Backpack Power Supply and others on the horizon, Ryobi is creeping into the professional lawn care space. Whether you’re looking for the runtime to cover multiple yards or you have a large property to maintain, having the capacity of three batteries on your back can make your work more efficient.

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