Ryobi Air Cannon Hybrid Fan Review

Ryobi Air Cannon Hybrid Fan
PTR Review
  • Pro Rating 9.0

The P3340 moves a ton of air compared to other battery/hybrid options and it has solid runtime numbers, especially if you're moving up to Ryobi's higher capacity battery packs. With AC power to back it up when you have access, Ryobi keeps you cool on the porch, in the garage, on the jobsite, and during power outages.

Overall Score 9.0 (out of 10)

Ryobi Air Cannon Tames Florida Summer Heat

When the Ryobi Air Cannon made its appearance in our shop, I immediately had several ideas of where I wanted to use it—if it had the airflow to match its size. It looks like a small drum fan, but much larger than most of the battery/hybrid offerings from other brands. With temperatures already hovering in the mid-90s, putting the Ryobi P3340 is a breeze.


  • Hybrid power: Ryobi One+ 18V battery or AC
  • 2,400 CFM max airflow
  • Excellent runtime
  • Run quiet enough for indoor use
  • 4′ AC cord included


  • No major drawbacks



How happy you are with the Ryobi Air Cannon depends on what you’re expecting from it. Comparing it to other battery and hybrid fans from major power tool manufacturers sets the P3340 way ahead for the most part.

Ryobi Air Cannon Hybrid Fan

The 18″ drum contains a blade that measures roughly 16″ and pushes up to 2400 CFM. In this class of cordless jobsite fans, there aren’t any other models we’re aware of with this large a diameter and airflow.

Ryobi Air Cannon Hybrid Fan

Electric drum fans only get down to around 24″ and push closer to 3200 CFM. Ryobi’s hybrid model won’t get you that level of airflow, so you’re looking at performance that sits in between cordless fans and small drum fans.

When I’m using the fan inside, low speed is plenty of air movement and there’s good airflow up to 12′ away. On high, I get meaningful airflow up to 20′ away. That’s a pretty solid guide.


Have a 10′ x 10′ back porch? Go with low while you watch the kids play in the backyard. Have a project you’re working on in the garage? Medium keeps a 16′ area cool. Working a jobsite? High can cover an entire room.

Ryobi Air Cannon Hybrid Fan


For runtime testing, I used a 4.0 Ah battery to see how long it runs in all 3 modes.

  • Low: 7 hrs, 12 min, 20 sec
  • Medium: 2 hrs, 46 min, 7 sec
  • High: 1 hr, 45 min, 3 sec

If you’re using Ryobi’s newer 5.0 Ah, 6.0 Ah, or 9.0 Ah batteries, you’ll get quite a bit more. If we do a little math, here’s what those runtime numbers look like with a 9.0 Ah pack:

  • Low: ~16 hrs, 15 min
  • Medium: ~6 hrs, 15 min
  • High: ~4 hrs

Ryobi Air Cannon Hybrid Fan Key Features

Hybrid Power

Use any Ryobi One+ 18V battery, the included 4′ extension cord or a longer extension cord for power.

Top Carry Handle

As a larger fan, the Ryobi P3340 weighs more than other cordless options. A top carry handle makes it much easier to move its 14.8 pounds around.

Rotating Head

With 220º of drum rotation (including down angles), you can direct air in any direction by either pivoting the drum or turning the fan.

Ryobi Air Cannon Hybrid Fan

Mounting Options

When you take the Ryobi Air Cannon with you, it’s going to sit on its frame most of the time. But when you know you’re going to use it in the same place around your house or shop, it’s worth it to drive screws in those places.

Ryobi Air Cannon Hybrid Fan

The keyhole has an oversize opening that helps you set it easier. With its weight, that’s a good thing, especially if you want to hang it overhead. Whether you’re hanging it overhead or against a wall, be sure you drive a screw into a stud so it doesn’t rip through your drywall or plaster.


The Ryobi Air Cannon with its 4′ AC cord runs $149 at Home Depot. Since no one else has a fan this size, its tough to make a direct comparison. Inexpensive 24″ drum fans are as low as $90, but decent ones are $129 and up. Cordless and hybrid fans start around $40 and run up to $180 or so.

Realistically, this is a different tool from either type and $149 is a solid price for what you get.

The Bottom Line

The Ryobi Air Cannon started a little executive-level feud in our office that I ultimately won. Don’t tell Clint, but I got him one for Father’s Day and hopefully, that will cool things down.

The P3340 moves a ton of air compared to other battery/hybrid options and it has solid runtime numbers, especially if you’re moving up to Ryobi’s higher capacity battery packs. With AC power to back it up when you have access, Ryobi keeps you cool on the porch, in the garage, on the job site, during power outages…even up in an attic.

Ryobi 18-inch fan attic

Gulf and Atlantic coasters, Hurricane season is upon us—what are you waiting for?

Ryobi Air Cannon Hybrid Fan Specifications

  • Model: Ryobi P3340
  • Power Source: Ryobi 18V One+ battery or AC
  • Low Speed: 1,200 CFM
  • Medium Speed: 2,000 CFM
  • High Speed: 2,400 CFM
  • Decibel (Sound) Rating: 63 dBA
  • Fan diameter: 18″
  • Depth: 19.8″
  • Height: 19.08″
  • Width: 13.37″
  • Weight: 14.8 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Price: $149

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Can this fan be used in australia on 240 volts AC?


Bought this fan thinking it was going to be a “air cannon” plugged it in and was not blown away. I bought a $15.00 fan from Walgreens that is more powerful with way more air flow this limp fish. I wondered how a motor that can run on a power drill battery can push 2400 CFM, and when I saw the motor, I knew, false advertising, much hype and I took it back to home depot, bought a drum fan off amazon half the price that said 2400 cfm with a 1/3 hp motor and that sucker nearly knocks me… Read more »


Can this fan be taken apart to clean it?


I have had 2 fans. Great product except the vibration. It’s excessive, especially with the large batteries. I have spoken with Ryobi, I hope they fix the problem. I rigged up an adapter si I can locate my battery away from the fan. Less vibration but still to much.

Mike Treen

I was installing a glass tile splash yesterday and forgot my fan at home

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