Ryobi HP Brushless Rotary Hammer P223

Can Ryobi One+ HP Rotary Hammer Redefine Power and Performance?

The Ryobi HP 1″ brushless rotary hammer represents the latest entry in their High Performance line of 18V power tools. It delivers more power with significantly less vibration than their last rotary hammer, the P222. With 75% more impact energy, the P223 rotary hammer lets you take on heavy-duty applications faster and more efficiently.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Ryobi P223
  • Brushless motor provides 75% more power
  • Up to 2.1 Joules of impact energy
  • Anti-vibration handle provides 47% less vibration
  • 3 modes: drilling, hammer drilling, and hammer
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Price: $169

A Comfortable Leap Forward in Performance

The big “claim to fame” for Ryobi’s High Performance line of tools shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given the nomenclature: it revolves around the big boost in power you can expect. In the case of the P223 Ryobi HP 1″ Rotary Hammer, you’re looking at 75% more power and up to 2.1 Joules of impact energy. This marks a big improvement over the 1.2 Joules of the P222.

However, the Ryobi HP design also mitigates much more of the felt vibration. Ryobi uses an anti-vibration handle that they say provides up to 47% less vibration than the last model. This, they claim, will lead to an increase in jobsite efficiency and a reduction in user fatigue over extended periods of drilling and chiseling.

The Ryobi HP Rotary Hammer features a 1″ SDS-Plus chuck and 3 modes: drilling, hammer drilling, and hammering. A fourth “mode” lets you adjust the chisel rotation for more accurate chiseling. Ryobi also includes an aux handle and depth guide to give you better control over your work. Finally, an LED work light keeps you lit up when working in darker areas and corners.

Ryobi P223 vs P222 Rotary Hammer

P223 HPP222
Speed0 – 1,380 RPM0-1,300 RPM
Bit Capacity (max)1″ SDS-Plus1/2″ SDS-Plus
Impacts0-5,000 BPM0-5,000 BPM
Impact Energy (max)2.1 Joules1.2 Joules
LED Work LightYesYes
Depth-stop guideYesNo
Aux HandleYesNo
Weight4.3 lbs3.65 lbs


You can pick up the Ryobi One+ HP P223 1″ SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer exclusively from the Home Depot. Ryobi is selling it as a bare tool only, and it retails for $169. It comes with an auxiliary handle, a depth guide, and a 3-year warranty.

Initial Thoughts

We like the improvements Ryobi made to its sole SDS-Plus rotary hammer entry. While you can still pick up the brushed model, the ~$50 premium offers a lot more power and a brushless motor for better efficiency. We see Ryobi consistently moving into the entry-level Pro space, and tools like this brushless SDS-Plus rotary hammer make that even more obvious.

For MRO professionals who need to drill serial holes for Tapcons (shelving, securing equipment to foundations, etc), this could be a real godsend. We all know that time is money—but sometimes money is money. Ryobi seems to provide serious value for Pros looking for tools that can handle the work without costing a fortune in the process.

If you already use Ryobi products, this should provide an easy tool to add to your collection and improve both your concrete drilling speed and capacity.

Ryobi HP Rotary Hammer Specs

  • Model: Ryobi P223
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Bit Capacity: 1″ SDS-Plus
  • Speed: 0-1,380 rpm
  • Impact Energy: Up to 2.1 Joules
  • Impacts per minute: 0-5,000 BPM
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Price: $169

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