Skil 12V 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Review

Skil 12V 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Review

Skil 12V 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Drops In Length While Improving Performance

One of the biggest trade-offs we see in the 12V arena is sacrificing performance for the sake of size, but the folks over at Skil aren’t convinced it has to be that way. As we continue our exploration of the updated Skil 12V lineup, we turn our attention to the Skil 12V 3/8-Inch Compact Impact Wrench.

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Skil 12V 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Performance

Drive Modes

Skil 12V 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Review

This compact impact wrench features three main speed modes and a specialized reverse control mode. They allow you to dial in the brushless motor to the optimal speed and torque to match whatever fasteners or materials you’re working with. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect from each mode:

ModeNo-Load Speed (RPM)Max Impact Rate (IPM)Main PurposeBest Application
Low17002000Tightening small fasteners when you need controlLight-duty mechanical repairs
Medium22003200Tightening fasteners when medium torque and speed are necessaryMechanical repairs
High 25003400Tightening when high torque and speed are necessaryAssembling steel frames
Reverse Control25003400Loosening fasteners with controlDisassembling nuts and bolts

On paper, you can expect up to 125 ft-lbs of fastening torque and 200 ft-lbs of breakaway torque which is great for light and some medium-duty applications. It’s a nice tool to have for delicate mechanical repairs when you need to avoid damaging fasteners or softer materials. All that and there’s still enough power to remove most properly-set lug nuts, though you’ll want to reach for one of Skil’s PWRCore 20 models for stubborn ones.

Using Reverse Control Mode

In reverse control mode, the tool loosens a bolt or nut at high-speed first. Once the nut or bolt
is completely loose, the tool stops automatically to prevent it from threading off completely.

This mode is active only when the tool is set in reverse rotation. If you switch the tool to forward rotation while in reverse control mode, the impact force and speed are the same as the high-speed mode 3.

Skil 12V 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Design Notes



This compact impact wrench weighs 2.0 pounds as a bare tool and only 2.6 pounds with the kitted 2.0Ah battery. The head measures 4.75 inches from end to end which is just over an inch shorter than the previous model. This makes it ideal for working in tight spaces and getting to those hard-to-reach nuts and bolts.

Personally, I really like the feel of this impact wrench and the compact battery provides an excellent counterbalance to this tool. The contoured grip features some aggressive grooves and texturing that helped me maintain a firm hold on the tool even in the sweltering central Florida heat.

LED Light

LED Halo

Much like most modern tools, this impact wrench features an LED light for low-light conditions. It’s a diffused halo-style light that surrounds the anvil and it’s a more effective way of lighting than foot-mounted lights.

In addition to the trigger activation, there’s also an option to turn it on for 10 minutes and to turn it back off if you don’t need the light for the full time.

Additional Features

  • Reversible belt hook
  • Tether ready
  • Battery doubles as a USB-A power supply
  • Compatible with all Skil PWRCore 12 batteries

Skil 12V 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Quick Comparison

What we see across the board with Skil’s latest generation of tools is that they’re more compact and more powerful than previous versions, like the Skil IW5744. While the top speed and impact rate don’t change, note how much shorter and more powerful the updated model is!

IW5744-10 (Original)IW6744A-10 (New)
No-Load Speed1900/2500 RPM1700/2200/2500 RPM
Max Impact Rate3400 IPM3400 IPM
Max Torque100 ft-lbs200 ft-lbs
Head Length5.9 in.4.75 in.
Bare Weight1.9 lbs.2.0 lbs

Skil 12V 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Price

This compact impact wrench kit retails for $99 and includes a single PWRCore 12V 2.0Ah battery and a single-port PWRJump charger. Skil gives it a 5-year limited warranty and a 2-year limited battery warranty.

The Bottom Line

The updated Skil 12V 3/8-Inch impact wrench packs a lot more power than its predecessor and it’s significantly more compact. While the original was a good light-duty option, this model is able to reach into some of the medium-duty work and is more confident when driving larger structural fasteners such as lag screws.

Click here to learn more about Skil’s warranty program.

Skil 12V 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Specifications

  • Model: Skil IW6744A-10
  • Power Source: Skil 12V battery
  • No-Load Speed: 1700/2200/2500 RPM
  • Max Impact Rate: 2000/3200/3400 IPM
  • Anvil Size: 3/8-inch
  • Anvil Type: Friction ring
  • Fastening Torque: 125 ft-lbs.
  • Breakaway Torque: 200 ft-lbs.
  • Weight: 2.0 lbs. (bare), 2.6 lbs. (with 2.0Ah battery)
  • Head Length: 4.75 in.
  • Warranty: 5-year (tool), 2-year (battery)
  • Price: $99.00 (kit)

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