Skil PWRCore 20 Cordless Blower

Skil 20V Blower Feature

The Skil PWRCore 20 Cordless Blower Combines Value and Power On a Lightweight Platform

The Skil PWRCore 20 lineup fully has the homeowner in mind. The entirety of their 20V battery-powered line is designed for convenience and utility, particularly with small- to medium-sized lawns. The Skil 20V cordless blower (BL4714B-10) is a prime example of that DIY focus. It’s small and light, and its power and runtime make it a perfect option for quick post-mow cleanup.

Skil PWRCore 20 Cordless Blower Performance


For a 20V system, the Skil PWRCore 20 did pretty well! We managed to get a little over thirteen minutes of continuous runtime on high with the kitted 4.0Ah battery. This should be plenty of time if you have a smaller driveway or don’t have a lot to clear out.

Skil 20V Blower Battery

Blowing Force

Initial impressions of this Skil BL4714B-10 blower lead us to believe this is great for light- to medium-duty applications. Our force meter clocked it at 7.9N on high and 7.1N with the included fan nozzle. Without the nozzle, you max out at 9.0N. This is lower than top performers in the cordless group but still strong enough to clear post-mowing debris and leaves.

Skil 20V Blower Nozzle

Editor’s Note: About CFM Specifications

CFM numbers vary wildly depending on where you take the measurement from. Is the measurement taken from the end of the tube? At the end of the motor housing? With a tapered nozzle attached? Too many variables exist to get a consistent or meaningful standard number. That’s why Pro Tool Reviews takes its own Newton force measurements.

Skil PWRCore 20 Cordless Blower Design Notes

Size and Weight

The Skil PWRCore 20 cordless blower weighs in at 4.06 pounds as a bare tool and jumps up to 5.69 pounds with a 4.0Ah battery. Even with the battery, that’s still a very manageable weight. At just 32.5 inches, this blower is great for folks with limited space or lifting constraints.

Ergonomics and Controls

The weighting of this blower is spot on and the handle fits well in my hand. When in use, the nozzle points down at an ideal angle for clearing away yard cuttings or seasonal leaves.

In an effort to keep things simple, Skil opted to go with a variable speed thumbwheel. Just set your speed and get to work.


While this isn’t a complete deal-breaker, we did notice a higher level of vibration in the handle when compared to other cordless blowers. Again, not a huge problem but we thought it was worth mentioning.

Additional Features

  • Wall mount bracket
  • Fan nozzle

Skil BL4714B-10 PWRCore 20 Cordless Blower Price

The Skil PWRCore 20 cordless blower kit prices out at $129.99. At the moment, Skil does not offer this blower as a bare tool. However, there are a few different combo kits available if you want to jumpstart your collection.

The Bottom Line

The Skil PWRCore 20 cordless blower is a great addition to the homeowner’s OPE arsenal. Low weight and a compact size are its greatest assets. They make this blower easy to use and easy and easy to store. You can get faster and more powerful battery-powered blowers—but probably not for this price or value. For the typical residential need, the Skil 40V Blower is more than adequate for the task.

Skil PWRCore 20 Cordless Blower Specifications

  • Model #: BL4714B-10
  • Max Air Volume: 400 CFM
  • Weight: 4.06 lbs (Bare), 5.69 lbs (with 4.0Ah battery)
  • Length: 32.5 in.
  • Height: 10 in.
  • Width: 5.75 in.
  • Max Blowing Force: 7.9N
  • Noise Level: 81dB
  • Warranty: 5-year Limited
  • Price: $129.99

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