Skil PWRCore 20 Shears and Shrub Trimmer Kit GH1000B

Skil PWRCore 20 2-in-1 Trimmer

Whip Hedges and Decorative Grasses into Shape With The Skil PWRCore 20 Shears and Shrub Trimmer

Cordless hedge trimmers are convenient and can save a lot of time, but they lack some finesse when it comes to finely detailing your landscape. That’s where the Skil PWRCore 20 Shears and Shrub Trimmer steps in when precision is your number one priority.


  • Lightweight design
  • Tool-free blade changes
  • Brushless motor
  • Easy Storage hook


  • No significant drawbacks

Skil PWRCore 20 Shears and Shrub Trimmer Key Features

Skil PWRCore 20 Shears and Shrub Trimmer
  • Model: Skil GH1000B
  • Power Source: Skil PWRCore 20 battery
  • No-Load Speed: 2100 SPM
  • Cut Capacity: 0.39 in. (grass shear), 0.39 in. (shrub shear)
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs (bare tool), 2.9 lbs (with grass shears and 2.0Ah battery), 3.1 lbs (with shrub shears and 2.0Ah battery)
  • Tool Body Length: 10.5 in.
  • Grass Shear Length: 5 in.
  • Shrub Shear Length: 8 in.

The main selling points of the Skil 20V Shear and Shrub revolves around its precision and its ease of use. As far as precision goes, the shear attachment provides a slow, more methodical approach to trimming the grass close to your flower beds and other landscaping features. This offers a more convenient alternative to hacking at your lawn with a pair of clippers or string trimmer.

Skil PWRCore 20 Shears and Shrub Trimmer

The trimmer attachment provides an 8″ shrubbing blade that lets you get up close and personal with your bushes and hedges. This allows you to manicure and shape your shrubbery without having to sweep around with a bigger, more cumbersome blade. Both attachments have a max cut capacity of 5/16 inches with a top speed of 2,100 SPM.

Skil PWRCore 20 Shears and Shrub Trimmer

Switching between the two attachments is incredibly easy. The Skil GH1000B offers tool-free blade changes. Simply pinch the release buttons on either side of the attachment, line up the tab on the bottom attachment, and press firmly until it locks into place. The whole transition feels pretty fool-proof.

How to change attachments

The Skil 20V 2-in-1 trimmer maintains a compact and lightweight profile. Even with its bigger attachment, the tool only weighs 3.1 pounds with the battery attached. And, with the kitted 2.0Ah battery, this handheld trimmer is well-balanced and very easy to maneuver.

Additional Features

  • Easy Storage hook
  • Rubber overmold grip
  • Brushless motor

Skil PWRCore 20 Shears and Shrub Trimmer Kit Price

This compact trimmer kit retails for $99 and comes with a 2.0Ah battery, charger, and a storage hook. Skil backs this trimmer with a 5-year warranty, so be sure to register your tool within 30-days of purchase.

The Bottom Line

The Skil PWRCore 20 Shears and Shrub trimmer joins the Skil 20V Pruning Saw as quick grab-and-go trimming tools for landscaping aficionados. Its performance and design set it apart from other compact options, and the tool-free attachments are a huge bonus. If you’re looking to retire your manual shears this season, Skil has your back.

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