Stihl RMA 765 V Cordless 25″ Lawn Mower Preview

Stihl 25-inch 36V professional lawnmower

On a recent visit to Waiblingen, Germany, we got a sneak peek at the Stihl RMA 765 V Cordless 25″ Lawn Mower. This marks the first cordless professional mower from Stihl, and it features a dual-blade cutting system with die-cast aluminum mowing deck. In form factor, it’s very different from the Stihl RMA 510 lawn mower.

Stihl RMA 765 V Cordless 25″ Lawn Mower Features

Not only did Stihl go with an aluminum deck, but they added a polymer deck insert that shapes the mowing channel and also helps in directing air through to the bag. It also provides a bit more protection for the aluminum chassis. And, yes, you can swap out the polymer chassis after one or two seasons as needed.

Interestingly, Stihl synchronized the twin blades, connecting them via a belt. Because of this, Stihl was able to overlap the blades, ensuring a consistent cut without the potential for a central “mohawk”.

Stihl RMA 765 V Cordless Mower belt

Stihl designed the blades to optimize runtime as well as handle mulching tasks. The blades look a lot like what we’ve seen from Honda commercial mowers, and they do seem capable of both mulching and bagging. In Germany, the mulching plug is an accessory for this mower.

The twin blades spin at 3300 RPM at full speed and drop to 2800 rpm on Eco mode.

Stihl RMA 765 V Cordless Lawn Mower blades

As you’d expect for a commercial mower, height adjustment occurs per wheel. Those wheels are attached from above, hanging down like casters. The design reminds me of both the Worx 56V lawn mower we reviewed some time ago and some Cub Cadet gas models.

Stihl commercial 36V lawnmower casters

Diagnostics and Batteries

A safety plug and diagnostic plug live on the side of the mower’s central power plant. This is the same diagnostic port used with the new Stihl iMow robotic mower. The way Stihl handled the battery on this mower is brilliant. First, you can use the new Stihl AR1000 L (60 cells) or AR 3000 L (90 cells) backpack batteries. Unlike the AR 1000 and AR 3000, these battery packs detach from their backpack harnesses, making them dockable with products like the commercial mower.

Stihl AR 3000 L 36V backpack battery

The new Stihl AR 1000L and AR 3000 L backpack batteries use new 21700 cells from Samsung, giving them longer runtime and the capability to produce more power when needed.

Stihl RMA 765 V mower dual battery pack

Aside from the backpack batteries, Stihl also lets you use their standard 36V battery packs thanks to a dual-pack docking module. We saw this demoed with a pair of Stihl AP 300 S batteries. The new Stihl AP 300 S 36V batteries are rated to 281 Wh of power (that translates to roughly 7.8 Ah capacity).

Using the Stihl 25-inch Commercial Mower

While we wouldn’t consider this a review, we did get to drive the mower for a time over some damp grass. The mower features a very interesting height-adjustable single offset handle. The design makes it particularly easy to insert and remove the grass collection bag. It felt sturdy and had zero effect on my ability to drive the mower in a straight line.

Stihl 25-inch 36V self propelled mower

Speed adjustment occurs via a rotary control knob at the top of the handle. You get 5 speeds (plus Off). At the top speed, I rather felt like I was guiding a jogging stroller more than a lawnmower. If you don’t have wet grass and you fancy a jog, I suppose that’s your mode. Most will find settings 2 or 3 more to their liking.

The rotary dial also shows the remaining battery life, indicates which battery is feeding the mower (it uses Slot 1 first before switching to Slot 2), and also allows you to select Eco mode for longer runtimes at the expense of some blade RPMs.

Starting the Mower and Safety Features

Stihl includes the expected safety bar for starting the mower. It uses a magnet on the bar itself to activate the control—a tad unusual but very effective. The self-propelled mechanism also uses a magnetic switch to engage. It starts quickly (as you’d expect), and the handles feel comfortable as you mow. Because of the design, you can use either a side or top grip.

Stihl RMA 765 V Bagging

The included woven grass bag looks very heavy duty and should be more durable than a plastic shell. You get over 80L of volume. That’s equivalent t just under 3 cubic feet or just over 21 gallons… depending upon how you like to measure your grass!

Since the grass we were mowing on was damp, it was a great way to test both the mower’s cutting and bagging capability. I ran it until the bag filled up—and then I ran it some more for good measure. It was immediately apparent that the blades provided enough suction to continue cutting. The mower did an excellent job sending the grass into the bag—even compressing it further once the bag filled up.

That’s simply not the case with many mowers—let alone battery-powered ones. I have to admit being impressed with its cutting power and the quality of bagging. I emptied the bag and continued a bit more. Steering is stiff, but it allows you to easily maintain a straight line. The front caster wheels do make turning much easier at the end of a cut.

Stihl RMA 765 V Specs and Features

  • Brushless motor
  • Deck: Die-cast aluminum with removable polymer insert
  • Deck size: ~25 in. (63 cm)
  • Run-time: 70 minutes using AR 3000 L backpack battery
  • Recommended max lawn size: .75 acres (3,100 square meters)
  • Cutting height adjust: 8 points (per wheel)
  • Cutting height: 1 – 4 in. (25 – 100 mm)
  • Speed: Up to 3.4 mph (5.5 kph)
  • Battery compatibility: Double slot adapter for AP series or AR series backpack batteries
  • Blade speed: 3300 RPM (2800 RPM in Eco)
  • ZT-style front caster wheels
  • Battery level meter
  • Self-propelled with 5 speeds
  • Wheel diameter (front/rear): 7.9 in. (200 mm) / 9 in. (230 mm)
  • Weight (no battery): 92.6 lbs (42 kg)
  • Price: 2,199 Euros (USD to be determined)
  • Availability (in Europe): Jan 2020


The biggest problem with this mower, for those in the United States, is that I can’t tell you when it will come over the pond. Since we don’t know that, I also can’t accurately communicate a price. What I can do is make your mouth water in anticipation of this mower and its associated battery technologies hitting the US market. Whether that’s a year from now or more—who’s to say. In the meantime, it’s at least great to know what’s possible from Stihl and what we might be looking forward to seeing in the hopefully not too distant future.

Check out the Stihl website for more information.

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