October 17, 2021

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Best Lightweight Drill for a Woman - Milwaukee

Milwaukee Switchblade Self-Feed Bits – Legal Everywhere

Milwaukee SwitchBlade Self-Feed Bits Let You Switch Instead of Sharpen We worked with Milwaukee on accessories for our epic best cordless drill head-to-head to cover light and heavy load testing. On the light side, their Red Helix Titanium Twist Bits gave us a benchmark for high-speed work. To put our drills under a heavier load, […]

Makita ImpactX Bits and Accessories

Makita ImpactX Bits and Accessories

Makita recently introduced Makita ImpactX insert bits and fastening accessories engineered for use with high-torque impact drivers. The new line-up consists of 80 heat-treated and impact-rated items for a total of 180 configurations of fastening accessories including magnetic bit holders, insert bits and power bits, magnetic nut drivers, socket adapters, driver bit sets, and Makita’s […]