Makita ImpactX Bits and Accessories

Makita ImpactX Bits and Accessories

Makita recently introduced Makita ImpactX insert bits and fastening accessories engineered for use with high-torque impact drivers. The new line-up consists of 80 heat-treated and impact-rated items for a total of 180 configurations of fastening accessories including magnetic bit holders, insert bits and power bits, magnetic nut drivers, socket adapters, driver bit sets, and Makita’s Xtended Reach.

“Contractors are frustrated with standard bits and fastening accessories that consistently break during use.  ImpactX takes the high-quality materials, superior fitment, and extended life of premium torsion bits and brings it to the construction-grade category. ImpactX will compete toe-to-toe with higher-priced torsion bits in the next weight class up.”

– Steve Relaz, Makita product manager, accessories

Our Take

Makita ImpactX Bits and Accessories

Even though bits and drivers are the only part of a drill/driver that contact the fastener, by and large determining the drive quality, they are almost universally regarded as unimportant and disposable. They are the kind of accessory we buy in bulk and don’t think much of tossing when they wear and perform poorly. Perhaps it’s also due to their small size – it’s hard to pay a lot for something that’s so easy to lose. It was only recently that manufacturers began to offer premium bits that resisted degradation and hooked up to the fastener more securely. In fact, Pros know Makita’s Impact Gold bits as, well, the gold standard of premium bits in the industry for a while now. So why the new Makita ImpactX lineup?

When Should You Use Impact Rated Bits?

Makita’s jobsite research revealed that many contractors’ are still buying cheaper bits in bulk rather than opting for the solid performance of premium bits. The design intent of the Makita ImpactX line is to give a superior performance at a more attractive price point. Although it’s not a torsion bit, it’s S2 modified steel Makita says flexes slightly under load according to Makita. The machining process makes them fit in a fastener’s hole more snugly and than standard bulk bits for so they’re more durable. In short, the design makes them mimic as closely as possible the performance of a torsion bit without mimicking its price tag.

If there’s a company that knows bits, it’s Makita, so we’re anxious to see if the ImpactX line can start to change our buying habits. What’s curious about this middle ground between bulk hardened bits and torsion impact bits that Makita may have stumbled (or intentionally designed) a bit that’s the best bet for all-around use in wood and metal fastening.

Makita ImpactX Bits and Accessories Features

  • Magnetic Bit Holders: ImpactX has 22 one-piece and two-piece magnetic bit holders. The two-piece design is engineered for maximum durability with less weight. Both the one-piece and two-piece have C-clips to retain 1” bits in the holder and are magnetized for convenient pick-up of screws.
  • Insert Bits and Power Bits: ImpactX offers 110 Phillips, square, Torx, and slotted insert bits and power bits. The insert bits are for use with the Magnetic Bit Holders. The power bits allow the user to insert the bit directly into the impact driver or drill without the need for a bit holder for increased convenience. All bits feature precision machined tips for superior fitment, performance-optimized S2 steel construction for extended life, calibrated heat treating process for added durability, and manganese phosphate surface for advanced corrosion resistance.
  • Magnetic Nut Drivers: The launch line-up includes 30 different Magnetic Nut Drivers (1/4-, 5/16-, 3/8-, 7/16-inch). Each feature performance-optimized S2 steel construction, with manganese phosphate surface for extended life. Each is subject to a calibrated heat treating process for added durability.
  • Socket Adapters: There are 15 ImpactX Socket Adapters (1/4-, 3/8-, 1/2-inch). Each has chamfered edges at the square drive end and retention ball for easy and secure fit.
  • Driver Bit Sets: Makita is offering contractors the convenience of 35-piece, 40-piece and 50-piece Driver Bit Sets. Each includes a range of ImpactX insert bits and fastening accessories. The hard case includes a Retention Loop and the Makita Xpand Storage System to hold up to 40 extra 1” insert bits.
  • Xtended Reach for Work in Tight Spaces: Fastening applications often take contractors into tight spaces, and Xtended Reach is a convenient solution. ImpactX offers Xtended Reach power bits, bit holders and socket adapters up to 12 inches long, and nut drivers up to 6 inches long.

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