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David S

This is why you shouldn’t use standard sockets, you know, the chrome ones that aren’t impact rated, with an air gun, (pneumatic impact wrench), or a cordless impact wrench, because they will break a lot sooner than an impact socket will. I have seen standard sockets break without warning and fly apart in multiple pieces when they reached their failure point. When an impact socket broke with me, it usually gave a little warning, like the socket had rubber insulation, before a chunk broke loose and opened like a door opening. Those times when the chunk broke loose completely, it… Read more »


So are impact bits softer or harder? Making them harder would make them more brittle. In my experience, whenever I use impact bits I break them. Complete failure. I wonder if normal bits would be better to use. If impact rated bits are made harder by including more carbon or something then I see why they would be breaking so much. I learned about steel from sword making. A good 1050 steel is a nice middle ground.

Jon anderson

I have tried the shockwave 5/16 on an industrial job, and blew them apart like a 2 dollar watch. I drive about 6000 self taps in metal each day. I have done better with their torx bits, they outperformed 20 dollar apex bits. The best bits on the shelf of lowes/Home Depot are dewalt.

And thank you for sharing your insight. I think its a service to users that is generally overlooked. The general thought is “a tips a tip” when there is much more to it.Read more…

I’ve had to replace them often but its always due to cam-out, the #2 philips are prone to wearing more frequently because of their forging process.Read more…