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Troubleshooting & Fixing Electrical Problems with Home Appliances

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Electrical Problems with Home Appliances

Not every seemingly broken appliance requires a service call. The most common problems with household appliances are mechanical in nature. You may have a broken or worn-out component (such as a switch or motor). A loose wire or a bad connection can also cause easily-fixable problems. If they want to, any homeowner can learn how […]

Greenlee CS-8000 Circuit Tracer

How Circuit Breaker Finders Work

Having looked at the best circuit breaker finders and tracers, we also wanted to cover how circuit breaker finders work. Some readers (perhaps even some electricians) may not know what really goes on under the hood of these tools. For most of us, the little plastic boxes seem like magic. They can peer into walls […]

best circuit breaker finders tracers

Best Circuit Breaker Finders and Tracers Tested

As an electrician, I have some opportunities to work on some great commercial job sites. When I say “great” I mean intensely complex and challenging. In comparison to some of those larger projects, residential remodels feel like a refreshing change of pace. It also lets me dust off and use some tools that have been […]

Klein Circuit Breaker Finder with GFCI Outlet Tester

Klein ET310 Circuit Breaker Finder with GFCI Outlet Tester

The Klein ET310 Circuit Breaker Finder with GFCI Outlet Tester conveniently combines two critical diagnostic tools into one. I’m using it while adding outlets and fixtures in a retail store. Combine it with the new Klein Tools Voltage Tester ET45 and you’ve got a powerful circuit tracing and testing duo. Pros Easy-to-use and accurate locator […]

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Southwire Circuit Breaker Finder with GFCI

Southwire Circuit Breaker Finder with GFCI

Electricians know each time they open a service panel that the circuit breaker directory on the inside of the door is legible and accurate. Service work can begin right away without having to trace circuits to breakers. Time doesn’t need to be wasted walking back and forth from the service panel to the light or […]

A.W. Sperry CS550A Circuit Breaker Finder

AW Sperry CS550A Circuit Breaker Finder

When it comes to identifying circuit breakers in an existing home, using a circuit breaker finder may be the easiest way to make a difficult and tedious project as simple as possible. By using a transmitter and receiver, a circuit breaker finder like the A.W. Sperry CS550A quickly and easily identifies individual branch circuits at the panel box without interrupting power. It is quite simply the easiest, if not best way to accurately locate circuit breakers. The system is compact in size and extremely easy to use and locates both AC Breakers and Fuses.