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APSX Spyder CNC Machine: CNC Prototype Milling for Less

APSX Spyder CNC Machine: CNC Milling for Less

3D printing may be the sexiest technology when it comes to producing prototype and custom parts, but CNC machines have been in the business decades longer. With types ranging from routing and milling to grinding and lathes, CNC machines start around a few hundred dollars and can move way beyond the $100,000 mark. The APSX […]

Freud CNC Router Bits

Freud CNC Router Bits

Freud recently introduced 7 new Freud CNC router bits optimized for smaller machines making signs, decorative carvings, and detailed inlays in hardwoods, softwoods, aluminum, and plastics. The new bits, which add to the company’s extensive 400-bit offering, feature unique cutting geometries and Perma-Shield non-stick coating. Freud produces carbide for its own bits. “We recognized the fast-growing […]