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Milwaukee Banded Ear Plugs

Milwaukee Banded Ear Plugs | Foam and Flanged Tips

Banded Ear Plugs Protect with All-Day Comfort in Mind Many times it seems obvious when you need hearing protection—like when you’re at the gun range. Other times, the need for hearing protection sneaks up on you—like when you work just a bit too long and the noise levels are only slightly above the limits. When […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Etymotic EB15 LE Electronic Earplugs: High Tech PPE

Etymotic EB15-LE Electronic Earplugs: High Tech PPE

In my ongoing search for the best hearing protection, I got my hands on the Etymotic EB15-LE electronic earplugs. What’s the LE? That stands for Law Enforcement. These earplugs were first and foremost designed for our men and women in blue. As you can guess, that means there’s a degree of protection against gunfire. But […]

Combo Glasses Review - Safety Glasses with Earplugs

Combo Glasses Review – Safety Glasses with Earplugs

We wonder if Jake Wadsworth also invented the Reese’s Peanut Butter cup, because the combination of ear and eye protection available in the Combo Glasses makes so much sense, we’re surprised it hasn’t been tried before. With a product like this you’d expect there to be some debilitating compromise in either the wearability of the glasses, or the usability of the ear plugs. After much testing and use, we’d have to say that the Combo Glasses come through smelling pretty clean on both counts. On top of that, the glasses are usable in any combination of modes: eye-only, ear-only, or in combination.