April 22, 2021

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Milwaukee Banded Ear Plugs | Foam and Flanged Tips

Milwaukee Banded Ear Plugs

Banded Ear Plugs Protect with All-Day Comfort in Mind

Many times it seems obvious when you need hearing protection—like when you’re at the gun range. Other times, the need for hearing protection sneaks up on you—like when you work just a bit too long and the noise levels are only slightly above the limits. When Milwaukee started adding Personal Protective Equipment to its lineup, they had the basics covered for hearing protection. Now, however, new solutions for keeping your hearing intact come with a more stylish and convenient form factor. The Milwaukee Banded Ear Plugs not only keep your ears and OSHA happy, but they also feel comfortable all day long.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Milwaukee 48-73-3201
  • All-day comfort with 3-point wear above head, below chin, or behind neck
  • Low-profile band adjusts easily
  • Come with interchangeable Foam and Flanged Ear Plugs
  • Flanged ear plugs provide 26 NRR protection
  • Foam ear plugs provide 25 NRR protection
  • Price: $11.97
  • Replacement Foam and Flanged Ear Plugs available
  • Available January 2021

All-Day Comfort and Protection

Earplugs are almost always helpful, but they’re not always comfortable enough to want to wear them all day. Conversely, the Milwaukee Banded Ear Plugs have been designed for all-day comfort with versatile wear and an adaptable design. In fact, you can set the band above your head, below your chin, or behind your neck. Personally, we think the above-the-head position looks a bit odd, but the rest seems right up our alley.

Milwaukee Banded Ear Plugs

Milwaukee Banded Ear Plugs

The Milwaukee Banded Ear Plugs feature a low-profile band that fits securely to your head, and it can be adjusted or pivoted easily when worn. They come with interchangeable Foam and Flanged Ear Plugs, both of which Milwaukee has designed to protect against loud jobsite noise.

Foam and Flanged Ear Plugs

The Flanged Ear Plugs fit into your ear quickly while still giving you a good seal against loud noise. These offer a Noise Reduction Rating of 26. The Foam Ear Plugs feature a tapered shape that provides a soft and comfortable fit that expands quickly in your ear for a secure seal. These provide an NRR of 25.

In our experience, both styles offer some advantages. It really comes down to preference. The flanged tips give you easy-in and easy-out without require pinching. You just need to push them in nice and tight—and they clean easily with soap and water. With the foam earplugs—aside from having less durability—you need to squeeze them down before insertion. This doesn’t work as well when your hands are dirty.

And on a jobsite, my hands tend to be dirty…really dirty. For this reason, I find the flanged earplugs a better choice—even if they do tend to collect a lot of wax over a short period of time.

Milwaukee Hearing Protection

  • 10 Pair Ear Plugs 48-73-3001: $3.97
  • 100 Pair Ear Plugs 48-73-3005: $19.97
  • 3 Pair Corded Ear Plugs 48-73-3151: $5.47
  • Banded Ear Plugs 48-73-3201: $11.97
  • Replacement Flanged Ear Plugs 48-73-3205
  • Replacement Foam Ear Plugs 48-73-3206

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Thomas Ramsey

Be careful, I found years ago.that flanged earplugs can result in impacted earwax.

Hugo Luis Pérez Torres

Son efectivos y muy cómodos, se ajustan a la tarea

Brian Walker

Can you do a review of Big Ear products? A lot of my friends use their custom earplugs and I was told that they are pretty good. Great review by the way!

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