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Worker Misclassification

Worker Misclassification in Construction as Independent Contractors

It’s a temptation that nearly every business owner faces: classifying an employee as an independent contractor. It’s easy enough to understand why. You aren’t responsible for paying their end of Social Security and Medicare. You don’t have to pay unemployment or worker’s comp claims. Overtime and minimum wage requirements can be skirted. Until recently, worker […]

5 Construction Trends to Look for in 2020

6 Construction Trends to Look for this Year

Depending on who you read, construction was either bad or good in 2020. It will either get better or worse in 2021. In other words—the future looks…a bit up in the air. Some of the vacillating outlooks on 2021 come as no surprise—2020 was a dumpster fire in so many ways. From the high price […]

Best Places to Work in Construction and Surrounding Industries 2020

Best Places to Work in Construction and Related Industries for 2021

Everyone wants a job they love., a job and recruiting site, released its annual top 100 employers list. The research uses employee feedback to determine the top companies to work for. Since the list included more than just construction- and tool-related companies we ran our own search. We wanted to know the best places […]

No More Free Product Returns

No More Free Product Returns? Abused Retailers Pushing Back

Have you ever gone to a home improvement warehouse and bought too much material—knowing you could just take back what you didn’t use? Sure you have. Apparently, lots of people have been taking advantage of the “No Hassle” return policies of certain retailers. But what if there were no more free product returns? The days […]

LIRA Remodeling Spending to Slow in 2019

Remodeling Spending to Slow in 2019

According to the LIRA (Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity), remodeling spending is slowing even further this year. A press release from the JCHS (Joint Center for Housing Studies) bases the continued slide on a combination of factors. Among these, the slow growth in home equity and rising interest rates seem to play a chief role. […]

Construction Jobs: Recovery in Full Swing?

Construction Jobs: Recovery in Full Swing?

Upswing In Construction Jobs Inspires Confidence Among other indicators that we are have the housing recession fully behind us in an increase in the availability of construction jobs. In December 2014 alone, the industry added 48,000 construction jobs. A total of 290,000 hires were made in all of 2014. According to USA Today writer Paul Davidson, […]

23 Housing Markets Showing Sustained Growth

23 Housing Markets Showing Sustained Growth

We tend to be heralding bad housing market news of late – not because we’re happy about it, but because that tends to be all that comes across our desk. So when we stumble upon a positive outlook on the housing market, we take note. This week the NAHB posted a video with David Crowe, […]

No Home Appreciation Until 2020 Says FICO

No Home Appreciation Until 2020 Says FICO

Think the housing industry is in a slump? According to a survey of banking risk managers from FICO, home prices aren’t going to regain their 2007 levels until 2020. If that wasn’t bad enough, the group of Professional Risk Managers says mortgage defaults are being predicted to persist for about 5 more years. That means no […]

Pergo laminate flooring mallet

Chinese Wood Flooring Prices Might Rise Soon

Is wood flooring about to get more expensive? The (U.S.) government is debating whether or not to add import duties on wood flooring imported from China. In what appears to be a lashing out by US-based wood flooring manufacturers (who else would lobby for higher-priced consumer products?), 8 domestic flooring manufacturers petitioned the Commerce Department looking […]

Top Home Remodeling Trends

Top Home Remodeling Trends for 2011

As 2010 draws to a close, the designers at Case Design/Remodeling, Inc., a D.C. Metro area home improvement company unveiled the top eight trends in home remodeling and design for 2011 based on emerging industry developments and customer requests. The list includes items for popular remodeling targets such as bathrooms and kitchens, as well as […]