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the Decline of Sears

Are We Witnessing the Decline of Sears?

There was an article over at The New York Times which seemed to indicate Sears is having a tough time of it these days. In short, it begs the question: Are we witnessing the decline of sears as we know it? Five years after the company merged with Kmart, the company is showing a 10% […]

Groundbreaking MIT Concrete Research Still Relevant in 2020

Groundbreaking MIT Concrete Research Still Relevant in 2020

In 2010, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) released research findings that should help set a new standard in life-cycle assessment (LCA) modeling for building materials. The groundbreaking MIT research on concrete released studies, which are part of an ongoing research initiative at the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, will quantify the cradle-to-grave (total) environmental costs […]

Are Consumer Reports Testing Methodologies Flawed?

Are Consumer Reports Testing Methodologies Flawed?

For years, everyone I know has been a fan of Consumer Reports Magazine. To their credit, they remain one of the largest advertiser-free publications in existence. They also maintain one of, if not the largest database of customer satisfaction and repair data for vehicles and products (though it’s typically up to a year old by […]

Man attacks officer with circular saw

Man Attacks Officer With Circular Saw

In our continuing “what were they thinking” series of odd tool-related news stories, an interesting one was submitted to us out of Fort Myers, Florida. It seems a Lee County deputy had to use his Taser on a man who came at him. The man apparently wielded a cordless circular saw. Additionally, he ignored orders […]