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Ridgid Masonry Tools

New Ridgid Masonry Tools: Floats, Trowels, Groovers, and Edgers

It doesn’t matter what trade you find yourself in, we all have parts of our job we’d just as soon avoid forever. I’ve been a mason for over thirty years, and I just don’t enjoy pouring and finishing concrete. I’d rather spend the day laying bricks and stones than tending to a new slab. You […]

Ridgid Concrete And Masonry Tools

Ridgid Concrete And Masonry Tools

Ridgid recently released their new line of concrete and masonry equipment. Available since August, the line of new Ridgid Concrete and Masonry tools includes London Brick trowels, pointing trowels, margin trowels, stainless steel finishing trowels, blue steel pool trowels, magnesium and aluminum floats, a zinc groover, and a blue steel edger. All of the new models […]

HART Quick-Tatch

HART Quick-Tatch Interchangeable Handle System

Once again, HART Tools has developed a system that just makes sense. This time, the HART Quick-Tatch Interchangeable Handle System shows off innovation that makes a real difference on the job site. The main feature is the handle itself. It is designed with a quick lock mechanism that holds the handle in place and allows […]