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laser distance measure

Review8.6(out of 10)
150' Milwaukee Laser Distance Meter 48-22-9802 Review

150 ft Milwaukee Laser Distance Measure 48-22-9802 Review

Laser distance measures – or meters – are a great tool for quickly measuring spaces more easily than with a tape measure. While they are very convenient, there are some trade-offs to consider. One of the great things is that these measuring devices continue to improve in their accuracy and function, making them much more […]

Bosch Blaze GLM 20 Laser Measure

Bosch BLAZE GLM 20 Laser Measure

Innovation. Compact Size. Speed. Simplicity. These are the concepts behind the new Bosch Blaze line of tools. The goal is to create tools that make life easier through their compact size, speed of operation, and reduced learning curve. First up in this line is the new Bosch Blaze GLM 20 Laser Measure. The GLM 20 […]

Hilti PD-C Laser Range Meter application

Hilti PD-C Laser Range Meter Coming Soon

The new Hilti PD-C Laser Range Meter is designed especially for busy construction supervisors and contractors alike. Oftentimes supervisors spend more time than they’d like writing and organizing paper measurements so workers won’t waste time on materials from incomplete data. To save time and eliminate the worries of incomplete data, the new Hilti PD-C with touch screen is engineered to take […]

General ToolSmart bluetooth copy

General ToolSmart Tools with Bluetooth Connectivity

General ToolSmart Tools include Bluetooth connectivity for capturing data to your smartphone and helping you perform calculations on the fly. While General Tools is no stranger to multimeters and inspection cameras, this foray into app-enabled Bluetooth connected tools is a decidedly huge step forward into the estimating and MRO markets. As more and more of our […]

Makita Laser Preview 2015

Makita Laser Instrument Preview 2015

Makita Laser Products Bring Precision Layout and Measuring Instruments to the Jobsite Earlier this month Makita jumped into the jobsite laser category in a big way with three new tools. The new Makita laser instruments include a self-leveling combination cross-line/point laser and a pair of laser distance measures. “On jobsites there is a constant effort […]

Bosch GLM 50 C Laser Measure Phone Connect

Bosch GLM 50 C 165 Ft. Laser Measurer

Bosch is expanding their line of laser distance measures smartly this time. The Bosch GLM 50 C takes the basics from the GLM 50 and adds some capabilities and user convenience. The C model starts with the same 165 ft. range and 1/16″ accuracy that is found in its brother. What it adds is an […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Bosch Laser Measure Featured Image

Bosch Laser Measure Review: GLM35 & GLM40

Bosch introduced us to several new laser products at World of Concrete. Without coming right out and saying it, they essentially made the point that they intend to be a major player in the jobsite laser sector. We’d already reviewed the Bosch GLM15 Laser Distance Maeasure when we were shown the Bosch GLM35 and Bosch GLM40. […]

2015 World of Concrete Bosch Media Event

2015 Bosch Media Event and New Products at World of Concrete

We were fortunate enough to be invited to a private media event at Bosch’s booth following Day 2 of the 2015 World of Concrete expo in Las Vegas. Bosch brought all of its new tools to the show, including a couple we aren’t at liberty to discuss at present, but it was great to see […]

Hammerhead Compact Laser Measuring Tool

Hammerhead Compact Laser Measuring Tool Review

Hammerhead is expanding their lineup beyond their combination impact driver/auto hammer with the new Hammerhead Compact Laser Measuring Tool, also known as a laser distance measure. Given the success of Bosch’s GLM-15 laser distance measure with its simple design and tape measure accuracy, I’m curious to see if this offering from Hammerhead might actually appeal […]

Ryobi Phone Works

Introducing Ryobi Phone Works

Remember when a cell phone was just a phone? Yeah, those days are way behind us now. We surf the web, text, check and send email, fling ill-tempered birds around, and now… use it for professional level measuring applications thanks to Ryobi Phone Works. First of all, unlike many useful but annoying apps, Ryobi Phone […]