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Hilti PD-C Laser Range Meter Coming Soon

Hilti PD-C Laser Range Meter application

The new Hilti PD-C Laser Range Meter is designed especially for busy construction supervisors and contractors alike. Oftentimes supervisors spend more time than they’d like writing and organizing paper measurements so workers won’t waste time on materials from incomplete data. To save time and eliminate the worries of incomplete data, the new Hilti PD-C with touch screen is engineered to take fast and accurate measurements. It’s also built to last – an excellent solution for busy contractors.

Aside from its touch-screen capability, the Hilti PD-C Laser Range Meter also offers a powerful camera. This combination of features allows the user to sketch distances directly on the photos taken. With one hand, the operator can capture a laser measurement — simply point, shoot and mark dimensions directly onto the photo. The device is able to accurately measure heights of ceiling and long distances up to 656 feet.

The camera features a targeting function where a user can spot the laser target easily whether indoors or outdoors and under any light conditions. The Hilti PD-C has time-saving intuitive guides and geometric calculations built into the software, which are visible on the large smartphone-like screen.

The Hilti PD-C Laser Range Meter has 4GB memory, so the user can take more than 3000 measurements on any given day. It can convert and share data in single PDF or CVS reporting formats and transfer it though USB to any computer or via Bluetooth to Android devices. Photos with measurements can also be exported as a JPEG files.

Hilti PD-C Laser Range Meter

Hilti PD-C Laser Range Meter Key Features

  • Color touch screen sensitive enough for use with gloved hands
  • Digital camera with targeting software
  • Android based interface
  • Direct and indirect measurements, area, and volume functions
  • Ability to create folders for each jobsite: measurements are sent directly to the appropriate folder
  • Measurement can include user comments
  • 4 GB internal memory holds up to 3000 measurements
  • Share your data in PDF or CSV formats that can be transferred by USB or Bluetooth
  • Photos with measurements can be exported as image files (.jpg)

Hilti PD-C Laser Range Meter Specifications

  • Power source: Integrated Li-ion battery
  • Tilt sensor accuracy: +/- 0.3 for indirect measurements
  • Range: 656 ft (200 m)
  • Run Time: 10 hours
  • IP protection class: IP 54

The Hilti PD-C Laser Range Meter is covered by Hilti’s tool limited warranty 20/2/1 which consists of 20 years of repair or replacement of defective parts; 2 year no cost repair including wear and tear; and a guaranteed 1-day in-and-out of our Repair Center on repairs. Also, the Hilti PD-C is backed by Hilti Calibration Service to provide reliability and accuracy.

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