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laser range meter

Hilti Laser Range Meter

PD-S Hilti Laser Measure Coming Soon!

Kenny and I have been slaving away at the PTR offices while Clint headed out to the Hilti Innovation Day event at the Cavanaugh Air Museum in Dallas, Texas. We might be upset about by this except that he brought us back party favors. One of those is the soon-to-be-released PD-S Hilti laser measure. This […]

Hilti PD-C Laser Range Meter application

Hilti PD-C Laser Range Meter Coming Soon

The new Hilti PD-C Laser Range Meter is designed especially for busy construction supervisors and contractors alike. Oftentimes supervisors spend more time than they’d like writing and organizing paper measurements so workers won’t waste time on materials from incomplete data. To save time and eliminate the worries of incomplete data, the new Hilti PD-C with touch screen is engineered to take […]