PD-S Hilti Laser Measure Coming Soon!

Hilti Laser Range Meter

Kenny and I have been slaving away at the PTR offices while Clint headed out to the Hilti Innovation Day event at the Cavanaugh Air Museum in Dallas, Texas. We might be upset about by this except that he brought us back party favors. One of those is the soon-to-be-released PD-S Hilti laser measure. This type of measuring instrument isn’t new for the brand, as they’ve already got a few different models on the market. But it does look like a pretty handy, compact, and simplified version for Pros that like simplicity in their laser measures.

10-Second Summary

  • Model PD-S
  • 200′ range
  • 1/16″ accuracy at 30′
  • Simple 3-button interface
  • Price and availability TBA

Simple, Easy to Use Interface

Simplicity is the name of the game for the Hilti PD-S laser measure. The controls are about as minimal as you’ll find. There’s an on/off switch, a button for measuring distance, and a button for toggling area/units measurements.

Hilti Laser Measure

The screen comes backlit for those dimly lit situations you’ll likely find yourself in at one point or another. The readings are crisp and clear, though not oversized. Those with vision challenges (I’m looking at you at your bad right eye, Kenny) will still likely need to squint at some of the readings. In broad daylight, the screen is tougher to read. That’s not a deal-breaker considering this is a laser distance measure that’s primarily for indoor use.

Hilti Laser Range Meter

What would a laser measure be without an actual laser? You’d be shooting blanks. Like every laser measure, this one has a targeting laser so you know exactly where you’re measuring.

Hilti Laser Measure

The Hilti laser measure comes with 2AAA batteries and a carrying case with a belt clip. It also has an IP54 protection rating, meaning that you can get it can survive the job site without crapping out on you. Just don’t go all Ben Parker on it and leave it on the roof of your truck or forget it outside on a job site.


Distance and Accuracy

Hilti Laser Range Meter

You’ll get up to 200-feet of range on this model. That’s solid considering the simplicity of the design, but it’s actually the lowest in Hilti’s current lineup.

Hilti boasts an accuracy level of 0.06 inches at 30 feet. That’s 3/50-inch or roughly 1/16-inch. A basic laser measure is going to get you 1/8-inch accuracy, so this is a nice step up.

We don’t have any hard and fast information on when Hilti plans to release the PD-S, but we expect it soon. There’s also no pricing information available so far. However, as Hilti’s new base model laser measure, it should be well under the PD 5’s $269 price tag.

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Hilti Laser Measure Key Features

  • Model: Hilti PD-S
  • Compact Size
  • Distance, Area, and Continuous Measurement Modes
  • 200 ft Distance
  • +/- 0.06″ at 30 ft

To keep an eye on when the PD-S Hilti Laser Range Meter hits the shelves, check in with the Hilti website right here.

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