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Greenworks Commercial 82V Lawn Care Expansion

Greenworks Announces Availability Of The Next Generation Of Professional-Level Battery-Powered OPE Over two dozen 82V products will join the Greenworks Commercial family of Pro-grade lawn care equipment in this 2022 expansion. Find out how Greenworks’ battery-powered lineup is changing the outdoor power equipment game on a professional level. Greenworks Commercial 82V Lawn Care Expansion: The […]

Makita ConnectX Lawn Care Equipment

Makita ConnectX Lawn Care Equipment Video

Makita is making big strides in helping professional lawn care crews switch from gas to battery power. At the heart of their latest initiative is the ConnectX power supply—a 1200 watt-hour backpack battery that also fits on top of a self-propelled lawn mower. With the initial launch, there’s also a string trimmer and blower, and […]

Can the Stihl Dealer Network Be Relevant in the Internet Sales Age?

Can the Stihl Dealer Network Be Relevant in the Internet Sales Age?

The Stihl dealer network is arguably the most important aspect of their business model. It’s the concept of having a brand specialist there to support you during the sale and for you to work with on your maintenance and repairs throughout the life of your tool. That’s fine for the older generations – they like […]

When to Fertilize Your Lawn

When to Fertilize Your Lawn

Knowing when to fertilize makes a big difference in how healthy your lawn stays throughout the year. Of course, every part of the country is different, so the tried and true timing we use in central Florida doesn’t work for everyone. Nor does the same fertilizer, for that matter. To get a broader scope, we […]

Review8.4(out of 10)

Greenworks 60V Blower BL60L2510 Review

Greenworks 60V Blower Complements System Beautifully The Greenworks 60V OPE system is one of the most well-rounded in their lineup. We’ve been using this system for a couple of years and really like it for general homeowner use. Like most of the line, the Greenworks 60V Blower balances weight and performance and we want to […]

EGO Commercial Lawn Care Equipment Line is Coming!

EGO Commercial Lawn Care Equipment Coming Soon!

OPE Reviews is reporting that EGO has a commercial line of battery-powered outdoor power equipment in the works. EGO Commercial lawn care is a sector that the brand has intentionally stayed away from for a while, insisting that their target market is the homeowner. They’ve accomplished the task by making some of the best battery-powered […]

Review9.3(out of 10)
Grundéns Deck-Boss Boot Review Updated

Grundens Deck-Boss Boot Review Updated

Your regularly scheduled news cycle was likely interrupted by Hurricane Irma reports as the storm headed for the mainland in September 2017.  While the wind picked up and water started to accumulate, we were scurrying around making preparations for the properties we manage as well as our own homes. We were spared the brunt of the […]