Best Time to Buy Lawn Care Equipment – Save $$$ on OPE

Best Time to Buy Lawn Care Equipment - Save $$$ on OPE

Ready to upgrade your lawn care game? Knowing the best time to buy lawn care equipment can save you some serious money. While we’d love to give you an easy answer, as usual, the answer’s not that easy. However, there are a couple of key times to buy.

Best Time to Buy Residential Lawn Care Equipment

Best Time to Buy Lawn Care Equipment - Save $$$ on OPE

Greenworks ST60B212 13-inch string trimmer

When it comes to buying residential lawn care equipment, there are two key parts of the year that are the best time to buy. The first is Spring Black Friday, and it typically occurs in the second half of April. This pseudo holiday event popped up a few years back with Home Depot, and several major retailers have big sales at the same time. Essentially, it kicks off the lawn care and spring cleaning seasons with some solid deals to get you started.

On the lawn care side of things, everything is fair is fair game, including gas, electric, and battery powered OPE. Many of the hand tools you need will also be on sale.

The second time best to upgrade is Black Friday/Cyber Week. The deals we find here tend to be more on the battery-powered side of OPE since it’s a tech-heavy shopping season. However, you can still find some deals on gas and electric, though they’re not as widespread as the spring.

Keep your eyes open for other seasonal deals as well. Leaf blowers and chainsaws tend to be fall cleanup tools, and you can score some deals here and there as the calendar rolls into September. As we move into November, snow blowers come into focus, and you can find some early-season sales on those.

Best Time to Buy Commercial Lawn Care Equipment

Best Time to Buy Lawn Care Equipment - Save $$$ on OPE

Greenworks Commercial OptimusZ Lawn Mower

Commercial dealers have a different business model than residential retailers, so the best time to buy commercial lawn care equipment is different as well.

One way to score deals is if you’re able to attend industry trade shows. Many brands run trade show specials if you’re ready to buy on the spot. Two of the biggest are Elevate and Equip (formerly GIE). Elevate is usually in September and moves around, while Equip takes place in Louisville in October. Lawn and Landscape is another one to keep an eye on. It moves around and usually takes place in late July/early August.

In terms of sales cycles, many Pros replace their equipment at the end of the mowing season, making November a peak buying time. As competition increases, so do deals to try and attract new customers. Combined with trade shows, fall and early winter tend to be the best times to find deals on commercial lawn equipment.

Unlike the residential market, commercial lawn care equipment buyers often benefit from establishing a relationship with a local servicing dealer. In addition to keeping your equipment running, they are often motivated to offer their repeat customers a discount when it comes time to replace it. Regardless of the time of year, sometimes that relationship can be more valuable than holding out for a sale.

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